3 Reasons Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercise

3 Reasons Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercise

Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercise & The Real Benefits Of Warming Up Properly

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Warming up and fitness training go hand in hand. In any sport or activity a bulk of time is dedicated to getting the body ready to move. Mild to moderate movements prepare the body well in advance. The objective of today is to provide more detail on the impact this has on your activity. From track and field to swimming proven benefits of a proper warm exist.

Before diving in I want you to position all activity as a sport. All sports have a system for each individual in it to get the most out of it. The reason to think of everything as a sport you will begin to assess the process. If you want to get better results, move better and remain healthy thinking this way will allow you to find reasons faster.


3 Reasons Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercise



To Improve Performance
If you are aiming to set personal records in the gym warming up correctly has the ability to prepare your body to perform better. One study on the effects of warming-up saw a 79% (improvement in participants preparing for an activity. Dedicating enough time to warming up the body before exercise can make a rapid difference.


Increase Activation
The life we live on a day to day basis opens the door to injury. Many times our body is cool or cold. Imagine lifting heavy boxes. If your body is properly prepared before, you reduce risk. One reason connects back to the ability to recruit the correct muscle fibres of the body. You can be extremely specific when you are warming up. Sitting idle creates more causes for bodily harm when movement is added. By increasing muscle activation you can get more from your session in the gym.



Injury Prevention
In exercise, it is also nearly impossible to safely move a cold body. Joint and muscle safety is another reason why you should warm up before exercise. People commonly pull and strain backs lifting objects on a day to day basis. The power of a proper warm up routine is that your body increases temperature. This increase also leads to better blood flow. Both together have the potential to prevent injury. Be sure to take a look at here and here for more data.



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3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)
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