3 Reasons Why Men Should Lift Weights

3 Reasons Why Men Should Lift Weights

Why Men Should Lift Weights For Health & Fitness

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By: Femi Doyle-Marshall

The concepts for this article came to me in the gym.

Peacefully sitting in front of the mirror, resting before my next set on the bench press.

As you can imagine by this picture I am painting for you, I believe in the power of fitness. I believe in value of weight training and further the impact lifting weight can have on the human body. Lifting weights can help transform the body and mind of those who do it.

Focusing on this one area for today. Get ready to submerse yourself in the 3 Reasons Why Men Should Lift Weights…

Oh, if you haven’t read the ladies edition you can find that here.

Yet before we begin let me pull from some content  that is extremely good to know.

What is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting, also known as resistance training is the act of contracting (squeezing) a muscle to produce tension against some sort of force. The force can come from a heavier load like a dumbbell, kettlebell or your body weight. The other force available is static non-moving which would be holding a position for a long period of time. Each methods aims to increase strength, endurance or muscle tone. Results take time yet are noticeable once enough time passes.

Free Weights vs. Machines

When it comes to lifting, traditional free weights such as dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells can produce the most rapid results. I would recommend any lady whom hasn’t weight-lifted before to work with a coach or otherwise use machines to start. The only reason is for safety at this point to avoid injury. Movements that are full body like squats, deadlifts and overhead press all place stress on the body. Learning the correct form can ensure health over the long term and help you get better results.

With the basics covered let’s dive into the 3 Reasons Why Men Should Lift Weights.

Improving Muscular Imbalance & Symmetry

Shape and size is one of the key reasons many men today lift weights. Improving muscle tone is easily achieved through strength training and weightlifting. Here’s how. To increase muscle mass and provide structural symmetry of the human body stress needs to be placed on it. For muscles this takes place by exercising. Lifting a heavier load helps the body build new or repair old tissue with rest and time. Over time this repetitive action creates shape and muscle tone aiding in providing symmetry to the body. In sport, if you have ever had an injury engaging in a weightlifting regimen can help with recovery and provide balance to the body (1).

Enhancing Physical Strength

Strength over time is a good determinant of health. Further, having the ability to move and lift objects easily directly  impacts one’s quality of life. When you think of the limits placed on the body by having a decrease in strength, having a plan to prevent this from occurring becomes a priority. This grows in value even more in the workplace (2).  Since the body is placed under significant demands and stressors building sufficient strength through weight lifting combats this issue.

Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

Weight lifting over the years has accumulated a number of studies highlighting the benefits it has on the body. For men, beside the acute hormonal changes that take place, the physical benefits gained through building muscle and lifting heavier loads are rapidly noted. Increasing lean muscle mass has the potential to decrease total body fat. For men with a goal of fat loss, this may be the fastest method to maintain lean muscle and see changes in body composition (3).

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