Walking Benefits Impact Health

Walking Benefits Impact Health

Benefits of Walking That Can Help With Fat Loss and More

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Did you know walking can produce massive health and fitness results?

What’s even more interesting is as a coach this hasn’t been a major focus in many programs I have seen in the past. Sadly even mine. Yet with since things change and now thinking about the value it has on your body motivated me to write this article.

We even now incorporate movements such as these in our Brampton Fitness Programs.

Strength training stands at the core of New Persona’s training philosophy. Mobility and flexibility is one of the other areas that can help your body tip towards your ideal health and fitness goals. Conditioning and cardio is the last and final piece that put together the puzzle of a perfect program.

This can happen many ways.

Running, circuit training, swimming or any full body movement patterns. These all can produce results. Some are more difficult than others. Walking is one that can be used by many and I will highlight the impact it can have on your body.


Walking Benefits On Fat Loss
When it comes to walking you can strictly focus on breaking down fat on the body compared to breaking down muscle tissue. This is due to the intensity of walking. I will explain further. The body uses two energy sources. Carbohydrates and fat to get things done and function day to day. When you move fast or at a higher level of intensity your body uses carbohydrates (also known as sugar) as it’s main energy source. Activities such as weight training and sprinting fit this category. When you slow your speed down, focus on moving for a longer period of time your body begins to metabolize fat. That is walking defined in a nutshell. Linking walking benefits to fat loss.


Walking Benefits On Joint and Muscle Strength
Stress and impact strengthens the body. As you walk for a long duration your body is continually hitting the floor. Each foot lands gradually adding more stress to each leg. This can help improve joint health as long as enough recovery time is available. Add in more variables or options such as changes of speed, incline such as walking up hill and you now have the foundation to really improve leg strength over time.


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Walking Benefits On Heart Health
Circulation is what impacts the body, oxygen consumption and muscle performance. Walking as an exercise promotes blood flow and circulation. When you perform this activity over time your body will adapt. This adaptation can benefit your heart since the stress is low. As you get stronger your hearts ability to perform better increases. This has the ability to improve your health.


Walking Benefits On Sugar Balance
As mentioned earlier your body uses carbohydrates and fat as it’s two main energy sources. I want to mention, physical activity can help normalize blood sugar. I would always recommend selecting one you enjoy. Simply because you will commit to doing it versus having someone tell you to get it done. Walking can be done often. As your body is not undergoing a high amount of stress you have the ability to walk more and gain greater benefits from the frequency of walking to balance blood sugar levels.


How To Get The Most Walking Benefits?
The best way to get the greatest value from your walking regiment is to ensure you are walking within an intensity that is low to moderate for maximal results. As you begin to get stronger gradually add more time or increase speed. Your body over time will gain the benefits. You will also notice the changes take place with enough frequency and time.


And that’s it for today for upper body stretches. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.


3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)
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