Effective Ways To Smash Out Muscle Tightness, Tips To Treat The Body Through Self-Massage

Effective Ways To Smash Out Muscle Tightness, Tips To Treat The Body Through Self-Massage

How To Treat Muscle Tightness To Alleviate Tension

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Have a friend or you faced muscle tightness?

It may even be fascial tightness.

Think hard.

You may be even able to narrow down what caused it here.
It may be disguised under a number of names yet the symptoms are all the same.

Sore necks.
Tight back.
Reduced mobility.
Even referral pain.
All can spawn from tightness.

This makes movement challenging. This can also create greater health hurdles later on down the line.

So what can you do?


A number of methods can be used to alleviate tension in the body. If you have tightness in your muscles or fascia then many of the tips here will be useful to implement.

Before we begin some of the common causes of tightness can spawn from repeating stress or injury. (Link) By narrowing down the cause of the tension you can find ways to reduce the impact it has. Remember the fastest way to overcome repetitive stress is to remove it.


Smash Out Tightness With These Tips

Foam Rolling

Foam Roll Massage Muscle Tightness

Foam rolling is used as a pressure based method for massage. When working on this technique your body is sliding or grinding over muscle and tissue. The weight separates the some of the stress aiding in muscle relief. Major muscle groups can be targeted such as legs and back. Go easy first with softer rollers to avoid too much stress on the body at first.

Common Tool: Foam Roller

Our Solution: MobilityPAK PressurePiece


Trigger Point Treatment

Trigger Point Muscle Tightness

Trigger points are often noted as being tight areas on the body. The easiest way to describe them is as knots in specific high stress build up points. Common places that benefit from trigger point work include hips, glutes, feet and some areas of the upper mid back. Any object that is small enough to get into these grooves are ideal.

Common Tool: Lacrosse Ball or Tennis Ball
Our Solution: MobilityPAK MiniKnob or MicroSmasher 2


Mobility Work

Mobility Muscle Tissues

Once you have stripped most of the tightness out of your body you have the ability to focus on movement. Performing drills to rewire your body to move efficiently and effectively will help reduce the daily stress on your tissue. If it is posture base, correcting it will make a difference. Wall slides and face pulls may be great add ons to work on posture. Many more can be performed for hips and shoulders.

Common Tools: The Body
Our Solution: Nothing Better Than Movement


Feel free to watch this short video for a quick review.


And that’s it for today. Find an effective and efficient solution to alleviate the common causes of muscle tightness and soreness with the MobilityPAK Massage Kit. Many of our members are currently using it since we ship worldwide to solve this common problem.


MobilityPAK Massage Kit Muscle Tightness



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