Transform Your Thought & Improve Your Health

Transform Your Thought & Improve Your Health

Learn What Stage You Are In to Transform & Transition

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“Performance is going beyond what is expected; it is setting one’s own highest standards, invariably standards that surpass what others demand or expect”

(Whitmore, 2012)



Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



I’m a big fan of psychology and the mind. How you have the ability to move yourself from one state to another through the power of thought and action. Countless studies have been done in the area of sport psychology, goal setting and human potential on the value of constructive thought to improve health. This all being done by transforming your mind.

In one of my talks conducted  I mentioned the natural flow things seem to take when you are starting to build momentum to change.  Your thought –  including  new or old ideas, concepts, theories, current vision, mission and purpose lead to your action – of common behavior and usual habits to produce the outcome you see day to day. One thing to be aware is it could go in either direction, positive or negative (ie. destructive nutritional thoughts could lead one to adopt negative habits and produce an outcome of poor health). Mind you, where ever you are on the model can change at anytime.


New Persona Dynamic Progression Model

A few points I will highlight today to help transform your thought and improve your health include 1) stage recognition 2) breaking the cycle and 3) habit creation or formation. Grasping a greater understanding of which stage you are in will make it easier for you to pick up the tools necessary to transition to the next.




A Gift To Transform and The Curse of Motivation

What do you want to see for yourself? What do you want to feel internally within your life? Do you want to change, grow or improve from where you currently are? Major results from the gym perhaps, transforming your body or rewiring your mind. Opportunities are endless. I believe if you do something for yourself large or small with time you are able to do even more in the future. It is compounded based on the time invested and the desire to personally succeed and improve. You learn what you need and don’t. You learn to adapt to your environment and overcome challenges. You learn what works and what doesn’t. When you combine that experience with others the impact is even greater.

PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - The eighth presentation of the Big Sur Mud Run was held March 23 at the former Fort Ord. The sold-out run attracted 2,000 individual runners and 400 teams, with many participating in colorful costumes. The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language provided 127 volunteers for the event including "drill sergeants" strategically placed at mud pits to lead exercises and provide motivation. Proceeds from the annual Mud Run benefit youth and athletic programs of the Presidio's Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department, the Athletic Department of CSUMB, and the Big Sur International Marathon’s youth fitness program, JUST RUN. Official Presidio of Monterey Web site Official Presidio of Monterey Facebook PHOTO by Steven L. Shepard, Presidio of Monterey Public Affairs.

Two reasons connect to this 1) intrinsic motivators which are you propelling your own growth to transform, succeed or improve and 2) extrinsic motivators such as friends, family and contacts that provide an outside stimulus for your growth. In psychology these two motivators keep your engine going. Burning out may be a cause of one or both of the motivators missing (personal experience).

Intrinsic motivators are focused more on personal pleasures, satisfaction, growth and perfection (Calvo, 2010). The enjoyment stems from seeing your own ability flourish in comparison to the past. Think of this as your personal best. Extrinsic motivators is the opposite. The gauge of motivation is spawned from the approval of others or simply a comparison to those around (Calvo, 2010). Both can produce results. Within the studies on motivation the same concepts can be found in the self-determination theory which highlights that the quality and experience of your motivation is based on the sources you select. Aligning thoughts with your rewards  will build intrinsic motivation (Ryan & Deci, 2000).

I love it! If you can find ways to motivate yourself internally it becomes far easier to succeed in transforming yourself.

Early actionable items A) find your passion (ie. intrinsic motivators – your vision, mission or goal), B) build your tribe (ie. extrinsic motivators – your social support system) then  C) work towards the outcome you seek.

Taking this approach to health is rather unique. You can view where you are on your path in stages. We at New Persona break it down into 4 stages.


Which stage are you in?


Oblivious (ob·liv·i·ous) – perceived limited knowledge.

Individuals who are in this category may not be aware of what their body needs or may have limited understanding of the fundamental principles of health. Education is the most valuable piece to consider at this point since it will prepare any individual to transition smoothly from one point to another. Dealing with some examples of nutrition, one may not be aware of the ideal portion sizes for food, the value of nutrients in certain meals or the impact calories have on your diet and goals. It is nothing negative. The point of focus would simply be knowledge, understanding and application.  This could be applied to any of the three areas we focus on (ie. mindset, movement or nutrition). As mentioned earlier, by being educated and applying the information you are able to move forward towards the next stage.

Aware (a·ware) – increased general knowledge.

As you move towards awareness you acquire more data. Having experience exercising, eating portioned meals and reading content in the area of fitness and health allows you to build a solid foundation for growth. In some cases researching information relating to current health concerns, joint or mobility issues or strategies to fast track results can lead you closer to the next stage. An interest in acquiring knowledge and learning more content are some noticeable characteristics. Once again you may already be active at this point, eating high quality foods often and be focused on personal development in some shape or form.

Ready (red-ee) – specific knowledge acquisition.

When an individual is at this stage they know what their body needs. This might be a person with intermediate to advance exercise experience, experimented with nutritional philosophies or have been injured and recovered several times. Interestingly enough those that have been injured are forced to learn more about the body to avoid the injury from occurring again. At this point one may be selecting content specific to goals. Working with a personal trainer, fitness coach or strength coach can help personalized more advance training or nutritional strategies.

Actualized (ac·tu·al·ized) – continual progress of knowledge acquire.

This final stage is the mission. Goal achievement, customization and detailed knowledge of own health. At this stage an individual has the ability to personalize programming to fit specific needs. Concepts and content acquired at the early stages allows them to find the ideal programs and systems that can produce results. All areas may be near mastery at this point (ie. movement, mindset and nutrition). Continual learning is the primary requirement as with age things change with time. Nonetheless this is one fantastic place to be.

For growth to occur you need to recognize a problem, issue or challenge to overcome. Desiring to transform your thought and improve your health is extremely valuable in a number of ways. 1) independence 2) personal success and 3) personal gratification.  With that take some time to go back and review the 4 stages to see where you are. It has been quite useful to me and a number of members we have conducted seminars for. To give you even more value find below my current Top Thought Provoking Books.


Thought Provoking Health Books (no particular order)

For The Body – Great reads for strength training, movement and general fitness.

1. Movement Primer: Fundamentals of Movement Mechanics to Improve Health, Strength and Training Performance

2. The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman

3. Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance

For The Mind – The right readings to get your mind in the groove.

1. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

2. The Magic of Thinking Big


And that’s it for today. Be sure to check out some of the books above. I have found them quite useful myself. Otherwise have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback. If you are looking to get a better understanding of this article I will be sure to post a response.



3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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