Top 3 Home Body Weight Workout Routines

Top 3 Home Body Weight Workout Routines

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By: Femi Doyle-Marshall



In fitness, finding the best body weight workout routine can make the difference between getting results and getting nowhere. Long hours on cardio machines can work for some goals yet not all and workouts not focused on the major movements that produce long lasting results can also create greater hurdles for the driven fitness enthusiast.

It’s possible to get what you want done in a short amount of time using the right fitness program.

Some fitness programs may seem complicated designed by fitness pros.

Keeping that in mind, I wanted to give you a number of simple follow along home body weight workouts that can help you get on track and move forward towards fat loss greater strength and total body transformation. With some of our newer members we’ve heard the story of how the road to better results can be a challenging one.

I firmly believe sometimes all you need is the right body weight workout.

So keeping you aligned with what is possible on a day to day basis while focusing on the best fitness movements available please find below my 3 top home body weight workout routines.

Each workout has been designed to be completed at home or any small gym. Many of the exercises can be completed with zero to no equipment. Depending on your fitness level you can increase intensity by adding more weight or by increasing repetitions or time.

Get ready, these home body weight workouts can definitely get you going.


8 Minute Body Weight Lower Body Workout (Difficulty — Easy/Moderate)

Focused primarily on the legs (quadriceps and pelvic region) this routine includes a series of dynamic warming drills.Only two main movements are focused in this program which included lunges and squats. Completing this apply more stress on the thighs and can help with endurance and building some lower body strength. Movements in this program near easy to moderate in difficulty.



9 Minute Cardio Workout (Difficulty — Moderate)
This short cardio based workout focuses on elevating the heart, challenging the legs and improving endurance for the overall body. Many of the movement patterns resemble athletic type exercises which can strengthen the legs at the same time. A full body warm up sequence is also included in this program to help prepare you for the full series. Movements in this program is closer to moderate in difficulty. Completing this workout requires sufficient space to maximize results.



11 Minute Ab Core Workout No Equipment Needed (Difficulty — Moderate)
The core is vital in improving posture and improving overall strength, health and fitness results. In this home body weight workout routine you’ll find a series of movements that challenge the upper body and core as well. Movement featured in this program range closer to moderate to hard in difficulty. Do what you can to complete this body weight workout routine.



And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.
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