Tips For Goal Setting Success

Tips For Goal Setting Success

How To Achieve Your Goals Through Goal Setting

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



When it comes to life your goals play a significant role.

Planning future achievements, mapping out personal targets and filtering away things that do not matter in our life all come from goal setting. They are massive in establishing a baseline for you to move forward and make what you want happen. This is extremely important to keep in mind when you are preparing to embark on hitting new personal targets.

Depending on the time you are reading this article you may be in need of finding your why.
Depending on the time you are reading this article you may be searching for a few methods that can enhance your success in life, business, fitness or even fat loss.
Where ever you are and what ever you are working towards I guarantee incorporating all if not some of the tips below can make a mark on where you want to be in the next 3-6 months.

Everything comes down to having the right goal setting strategy to make your year legendary.

Find here tips to goal setting success.

Set The Big Picture
How massive will your goal be? One saying is I would rather shoot for the stars so if I miss I hit the moon. This approach can be used in goal achievement. What do you want to see for yourself in areas of Health + Fitness, Business/Work, Personal – Relationship, Personal Development. Going big can help you move forward.

Mind Dump
This is a concept I tend to use when I have a large list of goals around one particular topic. The method involves list everything you want to accomplish. All things that link to a particular goal. Categories that may work well for you include: Health + Fitness, Business/Work, Personal – Relationship, Personal Development. In each category breakdown all things that come to the top of your mind. It may be a lot. This step involves moving things from inside of your head onto a sheet of paper or pad to visually see what you want.

Cross Off or Cross List
Once each goal has been outline your next step is to go through each. See if they align to what you really want. See if they align to your ideal vision or mission. Often times lack of alignment can cause failure in goal achievement. Think if it is what you truly want. Modify the lists under each category to reduce similar goals.

Make It Visible
At this point you have the core outline for your goals. I would highly recommend writing it down so you have a hard copy. Taking a picture of it also can provide a digital copy which will help you have a reserve. Place it one mirrors, walls, board and anywhere else you will pass.

Enroll Others
Enlisting the aid of others into your goal is another tip. Involving the right individuals can shorten time and increase odds of success. I would advise to do this once you have momentum. Moving forward will make it more challenging to stop. Road blocks and hurdles are bound to exist. Ideally the individuals involved should support your end goal.

Create Milestones
Mark wins along the path. I have fallen victim to this many times. Please don’t do the same. Celebration and pleasure of success is one amazing motivator. Establishing minor milestones on your path can enforce a habit of recognition. You recognize your wins towards each goal. Create each for yourself in advance so you can be prepared to celebrate when that time comes.


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