Where To Save, Spend & Splurge Grocery Shopping To Get More Value From Your Dollar

Where To Save, Spend & Splurge Grocery Shopping To Get More Value From Your Dollar

Best Tips For Grocery Shopping For Any Environment

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



I have always been a fan of food.

With technology, information and our good old friend the internet today we have the ability to smart shop.

Knowing this I personally believe food quality should be at the forefront of every household.

Every workplace that has a vested interest in it’s employees should also take the same outlook.


Food is what allows us to function at a high capacity on a day to day basis. The nutrients your body consumes can either allow us to combat stress, recover fast and maintain normal levels to function or increase inflammation, produce symptoms of fatigue and add onto stress for our body.

What you eat matters.

Instead of listing a thousand food options to place in your pantry I wanted to do something different.

We are going to talk about smart shopping.

Before we begin let’s layout a good framework to shop smart.




Setting The Smart Shopping Experience

Be Knowledgeable Of Food Quality
Not all foods are treated the same. By being aware of the basics of food quality you can ensure your intake is ideal for your health or fitness goals.

Understand Macronutrients
Carbohydrates, fat and protein are the building block of our daily diet. When you look at a plate or any grocery good knowledge of this can allow you to pick up the right things your body needs.

Personal Budget Awareness
How much are you willing to spend on groceries? To buy anything requires money. A personal budget gives you a baseline to begin with to organize your best buys on your next shopping experience.




Where To Save Smart?
In the books a few techniques are gold to ensure you are putting your money in the right place. Having the pleasure of shadowing my grand master mother around in the past has certainly had it’s benefits.


Breads & Grains
In many Groceries & Supermarkets you can find isles of these two. The quality of your grains and breads I find can be one area to save in. When I speak of saving in this sense it is more towards location of buying. Smaller stores may have better deals based on neighborhood. The same can be said for breads in bakeries. Research what is near to you and dig for deals.

Have quality in mind.

Where to buy: Bakeries, Farmer’s Markets, General Grocery

Frozen Vegetables
Supplementing frozen vegetables into your diet can be a quick way to get some valuable vitamins and minerals. Even if you may not have time to prepare fresh vegetables thus option is viable. The cost in comparison may be significantly less to fresh that aren’t in season. Another factor to consider is the process to prepare these vegetables through flash freezing. Nutrients are preserved.

Where to buy: Grocery Stores

Dried Beans, Peas & Legumes
Smarting saving can be done with dried goods. Purchasing. Beans, peas and legumes may be a staple for your diet. What we found is buying bags can or bulk can cut costs down depending on the location you are shopping from.

Where to buy: Grocery Stores, Bulk Stores




Where To Spend & Splurge?
Splurging in this sense is spending money in areas that have the largest benefits to your health. I would highly recommend having a grasp of macronutrients. The knowledge of what you are intaking can make a difference to your fitness and health goals.


Meats & Fish
Majority of my meals contain meat or fish throughout the week. I find that by buying low in the carbohydrate/grain categories I have more flexibility in purchasing better quality meats. Leaner meats are an option to cut down on total fat consumption. Source local options for in season and traditionally better quality.

Where to buy: Butcher, Fish Markets, Cultural Groceries

Chicken & Eggs
Chicken is also similar to meat sources in that you can spend a little more on higher quality. Free range chickens and omega 3 eggs have more nutritional health benefits. Many relating to stress levels and overall nutrient density.

Where to buy: Butcher, Farmers Markets, General Grocery

Remember, when you are investing in food you are investing in your health and daily performance. By finding fuel through the sources above you are 1) getting quality nutrients into your body and 2) meeting budget based buys when shopping smart. Use the shopping strategies above to arm your pantry. Your kitchen will thank you along with your body in the long run.


And that’s it for today. Be sure to post any questions you may have about motivation on THEX FORUM many members have found that page quite useful. Otherwise have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback. If you are looking to get a better understanding of this article I will be sure to post a response.

3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)
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