Staying Motivated In Life, To Workout, To Stay Fit or To Lose Weight

Staying Motivated In Life, To Workout, To Stay Fit or To Lose Weight

How To Find Motivation For Fitness, Health, Life & Business

3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



I write and send emails often.

I mean nearly every day.

In this case I am not only talking about personal emails yet ones to my True Personians. New Persona members subscribed to our mailing list.

Sometime ago I decided to do it for the very reason I am writing this article. Pat Rigsby another great fitness pro triggered me. He mentioned something that tied back to one word.


When you look around it is EASY and I repeat EASY to become de-motivated when driving towards our particular goals. Constant distractions, environmental factors among your very own mind at time can create road blocks to personal growth and development.

I don’t like that and personally believe that if resources are provided that can make a significant impact in the lives of those around them it needs to be produced. Resources can range from articles, podcasts, YouTube videos (you should really check out my daily posts), seminars or workshops along with in person coaching, training or courses. They all connect back to that one goal of motivation. Movement towards a positive outcome.

Personal growth.

So in moving forward I will continue to produce this type of content. Not only for you but for me as well.

So what is motivation?



noun/ mo·ti·va·tion 

1. A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

2. Desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm.

3. Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.


Why does it matter and what’s the key in staying motivated in life, to workout, to stay fit or to lose weight?
I will start with the first point, why motivation matters?

Earlier I mentioned how EASY  it is to become de-motivated.

Everyday we are getting bombarded with information. Some good, some bad some truly ugly. Think, your phone may be receiving notifications as you’re reading this. An ad may be playing or shown somewhere near you (video, visual or audio). I might have even distracted you from your work to read this, THANK YOU!

What ever it is things will always be here or near that can trigger you.

I ask, how much of it inspires you.

How much of it really allows you to dig in deep within yourself to pull out your own personal greatness? This statement may seem blunt yet here it goes. If it does not add value to your life or to the lives of those you love and care about what are you doing? Whatever path we are on requires work to complete it. Some days will not be great. Motivation and triggers from internal or external factors is what will make a difference in us getting it or getting nothing at all.

If I hurt you, please don’t take it personal. I  am here am to help.

Now, what’s the key in staying motivated in life, to workout, to stay fit or to lose weight?



Start Small and Simple with BIG in Mind // Lay the Foundation of Building Better Habits.

One of my favorite books is The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. They go into this concept.

We each can “have” a thousand things to do in a day. This can become overwhelming as it brings greater clutter into our minds. Have the BIG goal in mind and start small to hack at it. I’ve been up early in the morning writing. The small for me is in producing content to help transform the lives of as many members as possible. This small simple step can create a snowball effect as it rolls down towards a better habit becoming a better content creator.

“Simplicity creates stillness.” – Femi Doyle-Marshall

The focus on a few habits that make the most amount of difference in you staying motivated and not losing it in the long run. Waking up early, eating right, sleep right, exercising. This may seem small yet by doing them they all connect to fueling you internally for your BIG mission in mind.


MOVE  Early // Get What You Need Done Early in the Day.

Procrastination is deadly.

Our minds at times has the ability to delay the work we need done simply because we don’t want to do it. Ever noticed how long it will take you to exercise after you’ve been away for a long time? Get it done early. Get it done. A quote from an event I went to a little while back  stuck in my mind. I had a serious habit of saying “Not Right Now…”. This trickled into everything else I wanted to do over the course of time. Then this was mentioned.

“You either have REASONS or RESULTS.” – anonymous

To get results you need to MOVE. By doing so early you ensure what needs to get done actually is and doesn’t end up in the back of your mind. Knowing you completed the most important things alone can motivate you to keep moving forward.


Surround Yourself with Extremely Driven &  Motivated People.

The power of people is massive.

The influence of others can alter your behavior. Thinking positively this can motivate you. Look into the Hawthorne study. People who were observed tended to perform at a higher level for a short duration of time. The stimulus or trigger of having the right people will have an impact on your ability in staying motivated. Finding your group is something to seriously consider.


And that’s it for today. Be sure to post any questions you may have about motivation on THEX FORUM many members have found that page quite useful. Otherwise have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback. If you are looking to get a better understanding of this article I will be sure to post a response.



3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)
photo credit: Sixforty CrossFit Wildhearts Club Games 2015

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