Research in the News: The brain, protein intake on body composition and more

Research in the News: The brain, protein intake on body composition and more

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Published by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Find here interesting articles and papers on the body that can be used for study or application.

(Study 1) Brain activity patterns during sleep consolidate memory

  • Recent research found the value sleep has on the brain linking to memory. This article published on ScienceDaily provides a brief overview of the data.
  • “Patterns of brain activity that occur during the day are replayed at fast-forward speed during sleep. The key new finding is that sleep replay strengthens the microscopic connections between nerve cells that are active — a process deemed critical for consolidating memories.” – ScienceDaily

(Study 2) Effects of dietary protein and body composition changes after weight loss in older adults

  • Nutrition has a valuable role on the impacts of body composition, fitness and health. This PubMed article highlights older adults have the ability to lose fat and build lean muscle with a high protein diet.
  • “Older adults retained more lean mass and lost more fat mass during weight loss when consuming higher protein diets.” – PubMed

(Study 3) Energy depletion by diet or aerobic exercise alone

  • This PubMed article outlines the difference between a caloric restricted diet with perhaps a goal of fat loss or weight loss. The study finds restricting diet alone can lead to difficulties in maintaining overall weight loss habits.
  • “This study confirms that compared with depletions by exercise alone, acute caloric restriction results in rapid changes in appetite that result in compensatory eating, which may initially dissuade potential success in weight-loss efforts.” – PubMed

(Study 4) Intake of whole grains is associated with lower risk of myocardial infarction

  • Published by PubMed researchers found the intake of whole grains has shown improvements in heart health. The quality of grains may have an impact on the participant outcome.
  • “In this study, we provide support for the hypothesis that whole-grain intake is related to lower risk of myocardial infarction and suggest that the cereals rye and oats might especially hold a beneficial effect.” – PubMed

(Study 5) Performing squat exercises in front of a mirror has no effect

  • Strength training in an environment with mirrors have been used for form. This study provides an overview of the need of mirrors in facility from ScienceDaily.
  • “Despite being common practice, performing squat exercises in front of a mirror has no effect on preferential loading, according to a pilot study.” – ScienceDaily

(Study 6) Intensive Post-stroke rehabilitation and recovery demonstrated by rats

  • Mobility and strength is significantly reduce after a stroke. ScienceDaily highlights the potential benefits of intensive rehabilitation practices on improving recovery and improving motor ability. 
  • “We found substantial functional recovery of the paralyzed forelimb when applying forced impaired limb use (or FLU) as rehabilitation,” first author Akimasa Ishida – ScienceDaily


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3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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