Proven Pros of Protein Intake, Why Your Body Needs This Nutrient

Proven Benefits of Protein Consumption For Health

How Eating Protein Can Help Fitness and Wellness Goals

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Protein has been a popular topic in the news. I mean, extremely over the past couple of years. Mainly a focus on what is the ideal diet. Scientific studies outlining how much a person needs for health, fitness and performance are growing. Along with research on the absorption quality of this nutrient. Not every gram can be treated the same.

To lead, learn and inspire you to dabble in a little more intake of protein if yours is low, find here some proven benefits of in-taking this macronutrient.

You’ll be impressed.

I was when stumbling upon these findings.


Powerfully Proven Pros

Maintenance of Lean Muscle

To maintain weight you need calories. To maintain muscle you need calories, specifically from  protein. Fat and carbohydrates are required for your body to remain functioning.  If you goal is to build lean quality muscle your ideal objective should be to ensure your overall daily intake of protein is enough. This number will vary based on age, fitness level and health goals for health.


Assisted Support in Cell Recovery

As the body breaks down whether from age or exercise you need to help it refuel and rebuild itself. Some nutrients in the body your body can make. Protein is not one of them. Being the natural building block for cell tissue. Ensuring you have enough in your system will support cell recovery as a whole and can make the difference in supporting skin and hair health.


Protein Benefits - Protein Powder


Stay Full by Filling Gastric Space

Most meals that contain protein will keep you full longer. Interesting fact. If you look at majority of the snack options available they lean towards the carbohydrate and fat category more so. By ensuring you have protein packed into your regular meals or have a sufficient amount throughout the day you are more likely to be full. Why stay hungry when you have another option?
These three pros of protein intake merely the tip of the iceberg. As you begin to be more nutritionally aware it will greatly improve your health and impact your fitness results.


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3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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