Power of Positive Thinking, Benefits of Positivity

Power of Positive Thinking, Benefits of Positivity

Positive Thinking, Positive Thought and Benefits

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By: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Thought controls the actions we take to manifest our reality.

Here’s why.

What you think about becomes real by the thoughts you have on a day to day basis. For example, desiring to drop a few pounds of weight (ie. targeting fat) forces you to think of solutions that can produce this outcome. Your thought (ie. wanting to drop a few pounds) produces the action (ie. deciding to exercise more frequently or talk walks) which achieves the desired outcome (ie. drop in body fat percentage and progress towards the desired goal).

Everything when using this lens can be influenced by the perspective we have of the each situation. Positive or negative those thoughts can impact the results we see moving forward.

Find below the following power of positive thinking. You may be surprised at the benefits found by implementing it into your life today and forward.


Mood Regulation

A 1992 study conducted by Salkovskis PM. And Reynolds M. found that consistent negative thinking correlated to a deterioration of mood (1). Findings such as this may link to the impact positive thoughts and states of mind can have on mood regulation with positive thinking being able to produce beneficial results.

Reduction in Worry and General Anxiety Disorder

Excessive worry is common in a form of talking to oneself of possible negative outcomes . Repetitive verbal reinforcement was shown to lead to continuous negative intrusive thoughts afterwards (2). Reversing negative thoughts to more positive thoughts or positive thinking of an incident produced less negative intrusive thoughts. This shows, positive thinking or positive thoughts have the ability to counter verbal worry and negativity.

Immediate Well Being Booster and Coping Agent

In 1985 college students were assessed in an 8 week study on the psychological effects of positive and negative thinking. Positive thinking increased the well being immediately after their thoughts were assessed (3).  Effects of boosted well being were in relation to connecting personally relevant thoughts compared to external ones. Over time, tools gained from acquiring this positive thought allows individuals to grow improving long term quality of life (5).

Positive Resilience and Openness to Growth

Resilience covers one’s ability to overcome mental hurdles through positive adaptations despite adversity (4). 2016, Michael W. Judd conducted a research study on this same topic and positive thinking. What was found related to the power of positive thought on the human ability to survive (5). Positivity and positive emotions arises in areas of opportunity creating broader experience, opposite to negative. As these emotions or thoughts increase so does an individual’s awareness of thought, action and experience. This openness can lead to new opportunities to growth, improved connections and new abilities.

Enhanced Energy and Innovation

Adding more value to states of positivity and positive thought  some mental effects linked included elevated levels of creativity, openness to information and behavioral adaptations. Positive emotions were also associated with “desirable personal outcomes…sociability, optimism, energy, originality, altruism.”(5) As more is achieved through alignment of this asset an upward spiral generates increased resources and performance.

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