How To Pull Up Like A Pro, Proper Pull Up Form

How To Pull Up Like A Pro, Proper Pull Up Form

Learn Correct Pull Up Technique To Get  Better Results When Exercising

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



In building a strong back, great posture and unstoppable upper body strength very few exercises can beat the pull-up.

Being able to pull our body weight towards an object is an asset. Think, if ever caught in a real life cliff hanger you will easily be able to pull your way back up to safety.

Moving beyond the jokes, your upper body strength and back health is important. The objective of today is to create an outline for you to use when performing this exercise.


*** If you are not able to perform a full pull-up you can work with another move called the inverted row ***


The Basics of the Pull-up Technique



Overview of The Pull-Up
When performing the pull-up your hand position is truly what makes the difference. Palms forward gripping the bar is the ‘right’ technique. Anything else is a chin-up. Both are great for building upper body strength.

Once you have decided the grip determine the type of pull-up. As mentioned earlier you can do an inverted row if the regular pull-up is too difficult. Bands can also be used to help you complete the moment. Using a bench underneath your feet to push off also works well.


Step by Step Instructions:

  • Stand tall with feet shoulder width a part.
  • Begin to reach for bar with overhand grip. With tension grip bar and pull your chest towards the bar.
  • Return to starting position.


Red Flags For Form Doing The Pull-Up



Excessive swing.

At times when you are performing the pull-up an excessive swing may appear. This usually happens as you are trying to pull your body towards the bar. Some reasons for this may be weakness of your core or upper body strength. With the pull-up your body needs tension to move towards the bar. If you are not tense your body may sway or swing. Increasing upper back tightness, shoulder stability and core strength are some ways to fix this issue. If the exercise is too difficult to begin with you may have to try to modify it. Use a bench or some bands to help you complete the movement.


Shoulder displacement.

It is common to not have enough tension for your upper back to stabilize your shoulder. When performing a pull-up your body is loaded. Naturally your upper back wants to round forward or roll forward creating the shoulder displacement issue. Some ways that work with our members is a cue I use when it comes to the exercise. “Lock it in.” Your shoulders are stabilized by a number of muscles. Your scapula which is a bone that makes up your shoulder blades will rotate down and bring your chest forward if you are “locked in.” Correcting this issue will ensure you are hitting the right muscle groups throughout the movement.


Weak grip on bar.

Your grip can help you get stronger. At times when performing a pulling movement a weak grip appears. This is cause from habit from what I’ve seen in the past with members. By keeping tension on the bar you are recruiting more muscle fibres which can help in completing the exercise. In this case more help makes the movement easy. When you are unsure if your grip is weak aim to increase your tension holding on. If you are fearing falling from a cliff you wouldn’t hold on lightly.


Some Other Pull-Up Variations:

  • Bench supported pull-up
  • Explosive (switch grip, muscle-ups, reach over)
  • Single Hand


And that’s it for today on how to pull up. Be sure to post any questions you may have about motivation on THEX FORUM many members have found that page quite useful. Otherwise have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback. If you are looking to get a better understanding of this article I will be sure to post a response.



3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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