Maximize Your Time And Achieve Daily Results

Maximize Your Time And Achieve Daily Results

Use 66% of your time. Work smarter. Live more.

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Time as an asset is priceless. From scheduling hour blocks for cleaning duties, working on personal assignments or etching in a slot for fitness, all hours throughout the day can be accounted for.

Our 66% concept conceived comes from a conversation working with one of our New Personian members. After a session he outlined a method he uses to look at the total number productive hours available throughout the week.

When thinking of productive hours this may mean work or business tasks, house duties or anything that requires time to complete to better your life or that of those around you.

I will give you the rough breakdown.


24 Hours Is The Starting Point

This is how everyone begins their day with the max number of hours available.

8 Hours Should Be Deducted for Rest

This number is commonly subtracted for sleep. Give or take a few blocks.

16 Hours Remaining

This is the productive hours we are all left with. Time to invest in working smarter and living more.


In that case what to do with it?


Introduction to Maximization with Style

If our objective is to save time, live more and work smarter then we have to find ways that can help us reach our full potential for the day.

We can use different strategies that can help stretch the hour block. 1) prioritization of goals 2) establishing a morning routine or 3) even outsourcing some tasks by finding support to aid in completing them are all great options. I will go into more details for each.



Establishment of a Morning Routine

Having a routine has the ability to increase the amount of hours available for productive work. For example if you wake up, clean, meditate, exercise and then eat breakfast you’ve already sorted out the starting point of your day. With a set of similar guidelines it can help prevent a slump in productivity and also reduce the odds of roaming aimlessly throughout the first few blocks. The routine provides structure and allows you to know what to do when you wake. The strategy is to follow it as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Actionable Items:

I’ve created a framework for a routine that best fits my mornings. The same can be done for work. Gradual implementation and review is the next step. If you are willing to give it a go start writing. Think of what things you may need to accomplish in the morning. Hydration, cleaning, a strength, mobility or flexibility routine, prayer, reading or meditation. Whatever it might be add them in and try to make a short list of 5-7 items. You are able to group some items together to save time just don’t overdue it. Eventually you will determine what items need to stay and what needs to go.

Prioritization of goals (hourly, daily, weekly segments)

Setting up goals, targets and outcomes for work or play are great internal tracking systems. They are visual and allow you to see what needs to be done. Do you create work lists? Grocery shopping lists? Weekly tasks? Daily objectives? Remember when in doubt of the logic in doing so. You cannot prioritize you plans without preparing one. You can apply this strategy to anything. Just remember most important items rule supreme. After you have your goals sort them to make the process easier to complete.



Actionable Items:

Write out three main header categories on a sheet of paper. A) Work, business and school B) Home and personal tasks C) Social, community and relationships. Draw a line down to separate each.. On the sheet outline 3-5 items that need to be completed. If it is more feel free to add. Once completed begin to number the lists numerically (1-2-3-etc) into most and least important under the headers. Many variations of prioritizing exists. If this works continue to follow thorough. To add more depth each week you can 1) create a list 2) review it daily with action steps 3) cross off or check mark items that have been completed. You can also design a larger “Bucket List” and check off items as you go through the process. This can both keep you motivated and accountable.


Dedicating 66% to Working Smarter

Outsourcing and support

Sooner or later you get better. You may have established a routine that is bound to lead to self mastery. Crossed off several items from your new and improved bucket list based on numerical prioritizing. You’ve hit a level to be proud of yet as you can imagine at one point time gets even tighter. When this happens I highly recommend outsourcing hours, collaboration and support. A lot can get done with one. When two or three or four are added into the equation we are talking exponential growth and ultimate time saving. By building a network as a support system you have the ability to complete more things in less time. It is a very useful method in saving time.

Actionable Items:

Using the list compiled from above briefly review. After taking some time select a few items that can be outsourced. Mark each item that fit the criteria of A) you not being skilled at or interested in completing B) do not have the time to complete based off of work or other tasks. If you have individuals in mind that are willing to help go out and build our community. Be sure to not overburden anyone with your tasks. Make a trade that fits well for them and find ways to provide equal value. Oh yeah. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. And if you forget do that some more.

At the end of the day we start off with the same amount of time. 24 hours is the max and then we deduct a few here or there. The creation and implementation of even some of these strategies can save you a few hours. Just think of the potential to live better, move more and collaborate. Pretty amazing. The possibilities are endless.

I challenge you to give it a try.



How will you maximize your 66%? Have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback. If you are looking to get a better understanding of this article I will be sure to post a response.


3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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