Habit Hacking Sleep, Mindset & Nutrition

Habit Hacking Sleep, Fitness, Mindset & Nutrition

Healthy Habits For Daily Performance

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



It is often said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The concept of this connects to the need to be consistent in building a specific set of characteristics that produce a desired results. Improved health, physical fitness, mindset and nutrition are just a few areas that can benefit. One study (1) conducted in 2010 found this varies for each individual so much that 18 to 254 days may be required with 66 days of self-chosen behavior producing the most acceleration (2).

Consistent action produces the stickiness of habit formation.

Habit hacking merges these principles together.

Finding healthy habits is what can make a difference to your long term quality of life.


Habit Hacking Mindset
Your mind allows your body to produce. The mindset you have is what helps you build the habits that can enhance health and improve your overall quality of life. Think about it. If you are not thinking of getting in better shape odds are you won’t consider working out. Learning and applying skills that reinforce productivity, relieves stress and clarity fast tracks the path to habit hacking. Several tools are available that can assist. Below are just a few that can be used.

Positive Psychology: Is the study of human experience and individual traits through a positive lens. Daily life produces constant experiences which can be view positive or negative. What has been recently found is how we see ourselves and our interactions impact our ability to perform. This also impacts our quality of life. Principles of positive psychology can be implemented into daily living to reinforce healthy habits producing improvements in overall health (3).

The Best Possible Self Activity: With a pen and paper take 15 minutes to write down the best possible outcome for yourself first thing in the day. After completing imagine the possibility. Use imagery to hold this within your mind (4). The Best Possible Self can also be performed with imagery alone (5).

Other Mindset Habit Hacking Resources: Affirmation, Meditation.



Habit Hacking Sleep & Recovery
Sleep is fundamental for your body to recover. If you really think about it throughout the day our brains are functioning at a high capacity to complete tasks, solve problems and relieve stress. When you add in the work our physical body has to perform it is no wonder when we heal best when we are not moving. I had the pleasure of diving into this topic in my Better Sleep Blueprint article. Building a better sleep routine is a habit worth hacking if you want to get on going results. Sleep helps you produce when you need it most. Improving sleep is one of many great healthy habits to have.

Enhancing Sleep Quality: Sleep hygiene and sleep quality is paramount to health. When you are looking for habits to hack incorporating a successful system for sleep can reduce risks of hypertension, regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation (6). By establishing a routine that enforces healthy habits you are assisting with your body’s ability to recover quickly at rest.

Great Sleep Hygiene: Introduction of red lighting has been shown to improve sleep, aiding recovery (7). Removing objects that have blue lights (ie. phones, computer screens, lights) can assist in improving sleep hygiene (8).

Other Sleep & Recovery Resources: Music, Physical Activity.



Habit Hacking Nutrition
Food provides your body with the nutrients it needs to perform on a daily basis. When it comes to habit formation having systems in place which allow you to have meals readily available can prevent overeating and nutrient deficiencies. Knowledge of the foods required for optimal health is the first step in adopting nutrition based healthy habits which is also discussed in my Understanding Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates article.

Meal Planning & Preparation:
Greater amount of time dedicated to meal planning and meal preparation has been linked to higher nutrient quality in food intake, more vegetable and fruit consumption, salads and quality of meals (9). Each together tie into improved quality of life.

Other Habit Hacking Nutrition Advice:
Increased Vegetable & Fruit Consumption,  Improving Caloric Counting or Nutrition Awareness, Refined Sugar Reduction.


And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.

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