3 Hidden Benefits of Goal Setting — Reasons To Get Some Goals

3 Hidden Benefits of Goal Setting — Reasons To Get Some Goals

Power of Goals & Goal Setting on Daily Performance3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)



By: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Goals and goal setting can transform the world you live in.

They can shift your entire outcome in health, wealth and relationships. They can produce long lasting impacts in the quality of life you are living and produce rapid change when achieved with time. I’m telling you from one person to another, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with the right process in place.

Goals are powerful.

I’ve seen rapid results happen to members in our fitness programs through outlining specific goals they want to achieve. I’ve seen the same thing happen to friends in business. I’ve seen the same thing happen for me.


Establishing a timeline, a specific end point or some target to work towards can refine your vision. Refinement of your vision is vital to help you accomplish the goals you have set. Before going into the benefits of goal setting I want to point out to you that your vision needs to be established first and foremost. What are you working for? Why are you workout towards a particular end point? How will success look like for you?

Once that is in place goals help you check mark each winning step towards that vision.

Now pause, in the mindset of health and fitness you may not have one specific goal.

I would highly recommend to just start. The worst thing I would advise anyone to do is nothing when it comes to your health. If you are in able body and mind doing something small can make a significant positive impact in your health.

That is the gift I would like to give you in all.

So moving forward with fact finding benefits of goal setting read below the 3 hidden benefits of goal setting.


1. Goals & Goal Setting Challenge Growth

The more challenging a task is, the more focus one needs to attain success. The more difficulty faced to achieve a particular goal the more one needs to learn, adapt and grow. With regards to goal setting, if an individual has personal connection to challenging goal effort increases. Effort not only increases yet performance goes up to achieve success (1). This growth can create future opportunity.

2. Goals & Goal Setting Reinforce Self-Esteem

The other benefit of goals and goal setting is the reinforcement of self-esteem. Setting a specific target and working towards it. Achieving it with time produces feelings of “psychological success”. The mind recognizes victory when it is aligned with a specific target. The more success made towards a particular goal the more involvement. The more involvement toward the goal the greater an increase in self-esteem reinforcing success (1)

3. Goals & Goal Setting Produce Action Enhanced Attitudes

As one achieves greater success with goal attainment and achieving goals through goal setting attitudes are changed. This change in state and attitude can lead to greater success in future periods benefiting other goals. Each producing a progressive cycle (1).
In the end I want you to truly succeed at what you have in mind. I ultimately believe if you implement goal setting into your daily, weekly monthly regiment you will see the difference pay of exponential in your life. In other words congrats on your success.

And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.
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