Don’t Quit, Workout Motivation

Don’t Quit, Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation by New Persona Members



Motivation is what can be the catalyst to total transformation.

Change in state.

Change of energy.

Change of mind can fuel change period.

In one of my first New Persona articles I go in to talk about the phases of personal development. I discuss the point of progression for each individual as they decide to work on themselves.

Any goal whether it is fat loss, strength training or building muscle requires a process. During that process it is easy to become sidetracked. It is easy to be derailed.

Don’t stop.

Keep motivated.

Don’t quit.

Even if the road towards results may seem overwhelming you have the opportunity to continue. Taken from one inspirational workout session read the words from one of our very own. You have the power to move onward.


Coach Femi: I want you to give all the viewers out there one reason why they shouldn’t give up on them self.

NP Rudy: You gotta believe in yourself. That’s why you can’t give up on yourself and that’s why you can’t quit. Quitting would be like giving up on yourself. There is nobody else but you so that’s why you can’t…


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