Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Causes of Low Back Pain & Chronic Back Pain

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By: Femi Doyle-Marshall


The causes of low back pain (LBP) may surprise you.

Researching, muscle tension and spasms are the most common causes  for lower back pain (1).

Which may mean massage and self treatment using tools similar to the MobilityPAK Massage Kit can help reduce stress on the body very quickly. Understanding how tension is built up in the body can further prepare you to have a higher quality of life. What you find here may even add greater value to those around you. This will be a more science based article on low back pain.

So, throw your science hat on and let dive in to getting to know the common causes of low back pain.


Muscular Fatigue

Muscular fatigue is common when you intensely over use a muscle in any particular type of activity. Your ability to perform drops significantly reducing mobility and strength, especially when it comes to your low back. Combine these factors with heavy loads, awkward postures or excessive tiredness and you have the makings of low back pain (2). Here’s why. Your spine is supported by a number of muscles that run along it to secure the main structure. Standing to maintain “good posture” is an example of how muscles work to stabilize your body. If stressed excessively from lifting or standing for long periods of time you will see muscular fatigue.

Light to moderate massage techniques may benefits in alleviate muscular fatigue (3).


Direct Spinal or Structural Muscular Injury

Injury is the other common cause of low back pain. When your body undergoes trauma the healing process can be long. I have seen members faced with a long road to recovery from automobile accidents, sport injuries or even minor falls. At times after treatment the body may not completely heal to the state before injury. This may lead to chronic pain, periodic inflammation of tissue and reduced mobility. One study mentioned 97% of LBP cases are caused by injury to the spinal structure (4).

Time seems to be the best healing treatment method combined with light to moderate movement.


Excessive Standing & Prolong Sitting

A number of articles have highlighted the impact of excessive standing on back health and LBP.

Muscular fatigue, also mentioned above, highly connects to this topic. As stated, standing for a long duration of time fatigues muscle tissue, especially without periods of rest increasing risk of  low back pain (5). Work duration of 88% to 99% of time was the common mean for members in one survey assessing risk (6).

Sitting LBP factors may relate to in activity of muscle tissue with combined muscle tissue tightness and poor postures (7).


Responsibility of Occupational Spaces & Work Environment

Evidently data exists that highlights the value of movement in the workplace. Implementing treatment practices ranging from portable massage tools similar to the MobilityPAK Massage Kit can aid in combating the causes of low back pain. Moving towards higher level offering providing education in Workplace Wellness Programs or even Employee Wellness Programs can make a long lasting impact on health.

Investing in health is what makes a difference in the long run.


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