Building The Best Home, Office or Box Gym

The Best Home, Office or Box Gym

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Where you train should be a spot fueled with motivation. It should be a place that ignites a fire to set personal records and work on yourself diligently for excellence.

High standards?

I hope so.

It could be anywhere. A home, office or box gym. At the end of the day you need to think of what will produce the results you are looking for. This post is to highlight the Pros and Cons of your training environment.

I want you to consider this.

I firmly believe one of the main reasons that prevents people from exercising is the environment. Mind you this is not the primary cause. Motivation  and time are at the top of the list from many of our members, the environment usually isn’t brought up.

If you are in a space designed for the iron lovers what would you gravitate to? What resources would you have, want or need? Would this motivate you to train?


The Weight Room Standards

In any training environment the need of good tools can greatly impact your results. As outlined above you may gravitate to a particular style of training (ie. body building, swimming, powerlifting, gymnastics or running). Ever wanted to have a gold mine of equipment to use at home? Well this list is not completely exhausted yet can provide a substantial base for any movement connoisseur. Start with the basics and work your way up to having more.

The tools in any training environment is what allows you to get the results you are looking for. If you have a great deal of experience weightlifting some of these below should be a refresher. New in the gym? Look no further to figure out what you should have in your training space.

      • Dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells (i.e. power blocks) – short primarily single hand used strength tool. Traditionally done in isolation of muscle group with lighter loads than barbells. Both strength and conditioning based movements can be utilized with this tool along with the use of compound or isolation. Common Uses in Plate or Weight Loaded Activities: Body Building, Strength Training.
      • Olympic Barbell – longer metallic bar used for upper or lower body based movement patterns, provides the practitioner with the ability to lift heavier loads. Many compound and isolation movements can be used with this tool. Common Uses in Plate or Weight Loaded Activities: Body Building, Strength Training, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting.
      • Adjustable bench (when necessary) – used as support with Dumbbells.
      • Power Rack, squat stand or nothing (i.e. find a weight you can press) – used as support with Barbells.
      • Plates (upward 315 lbs) – weights used with Olympic Barbell.
      • Chin-up or pull-up bar – long bar hung from wall, squat rack or free standing used for upper-body based pulling movements. Can be used for core based movement patterns to improve overall health and strength of practitioner. Common Uses in Free Body, Body Weight or Weight Loaded Activities: Body Building, Strength Training.
      • Kettlebells (i.e. 8kg, 16kg, 24 kg, 32kg) (when necessary) – ball shaped object with a handle used for mainly upper-body-based movements with the capability to supplement lighter weight lower body loads. Use movement patterns which forces the recruitment of different fibres. Both strength and conditioning based movements can be utilized with this tool. Common Uses in Plate or Weight Loaded Activities: Strength Training.


Many local sources can be found when deciding equipment. What I found is that the general layout is where challenges seem to popup and not just what to put into the training space. Treadmills, spin bikes and cardio larger cardio equipment may take up space. Finding movable options can allow you to do more exercises when you prefer doing so.

Where to Find Equipment?

Online sites such as Kijji and Craigslist can be a starting point if you are looking for cheap used equipment for your home gym. If you are looking for higher quality non used equipment specialty stores that sell fitness products can be a great source. This usually would apply to corporate organizations looking to build a premium facility or box gym for members.

In Toronto some places that could be used include Foremost Fitness, Fitness Avenue, The Treadmill Factory or Fitness Depot. Mind you many options are available that have excellent quality products and great prices. If you are outside of Toronto the safest bet is to browse Amazon. You can buy anything (really).

If you can’t decide on what you are looking for developing your own in house gym or fitness centre or want to get a jump on your strength and fitness program drop us a line we can help.



3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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