Brampton Bootcamp Trainer Femi on

Brampton Bootcamp Trainer Femi on

Founder Talks about Brampton Bootcamp and Health

Have you ever wondered what makes a great Brampton Bootcamp program or fitness coach?

Not too long ago our head Brampton Bootcamp Trainer Femi at New Persona sat down with podcast host Stuart McConnell for a heart to heart interview covering the fundamentals of fitness and health. In it they discuss fitness training concepts, health and what makes our Brampton Bootcamp different compared to others. In this sneak peak clip of our Brampton Bootcamp Trainer interview get started with learning more about our brand.

Health is important.

Gain the tools needed to enhance your nutrition and watch your body respond. Make progress towards improving your physical activity and see your mobility increase. Seek guidance from the right advisors and fast track your results to a stronger better body.

You have the power to move forward one day at a time.

Tune in to this full podcast on to get a grasp of what is needed to find a great coach.  Listen to the full interview online only available on the Uncommonlife podcast.

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