Benefits of Physical Activity for Parents

Benefits of Physical Activity for Parents

Why Physical Activity Needs To Be A Focus For Parents

Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall

For a parent, their health is one of the most valuable thing to a family.

We need health to function day to day. Chores, travel, enjoyment, recreation you name it, we need it be optimal. We need it to have a high quality of life. We need it for the wellbeing of ourselves and the wellbeing of our families.
We need health to live and live well and that’s a fact.

Currently in the fitness industry, we are taught the general benefits of working out and eating right. Further, fitness marketing has seemed to evolve to focus on appearance and not the entire being.
In this article I plan to go beyond that and feature the benefits of physical activity for parents as a whole outside of the appearance of physical fitness.

With that be ready to absorb value like no other.

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Parents await.

Parenting from a Lens of Health
As a coach, I have often noticed how easy it is easy for parents to neglect their health. Placing importance on other responsibilities over physical strength, heart health, mobility and most of all proper nutrition.
As your coach for the time being I want to advise you that all of these areas are important.

The health of a parent impacts the quality of life of the entire family.

Please don’t fail to invest in health.

Remember, I want the best for you and yours and hope the insight provided will lead you to the path that produces the most transformative results.

1. Strong Equals Longevity
As we age, muscle and strength has been shown to deteriorate without strength training. Strength training or resistance training is something that can be done using body weight or free weights and may not even need access to a big box gym. Getting weaker increases difficulty in completing tasks. Picking up children not to mention cooking and cleaning can require strength. Being strong can go a long way when it comes to living a high quality life as a parent.

Tip: Weightlifting or strength training can be performed 3-5 days a week for 30- 60 minutes.

2. Healthy Helps Hearts
A healthy heart reduces shortness of breath, excessive fatigue and poor blood circulation. For a parent this means the ability to run and play with children. Focusing on cardiovascular training by walking, running or swimming helps support this with time.

Tip: Indoor walking is an option in during cold periods as well as finding a training facility or home workout routine to help enhance heart health.

3. Movement AND Mobility Matter
Tight and immobile muscle reduces the human body’s ability to move freely in space. This can become a hurdle when we are desiring to engage in activity. By implementing a set strength based routine combined with flexibility training and mobility exercises you can prevent injury and tightness. Being able to move without pain or restrictions grows in importance with parenting.

Tip: Flexibility should be more common as you get older by implementing a routine 3-5 days a week holding stretches safely for 20-60 seconds.

And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.