Benefit of Senior Fitness Programs

Benefit of Senior Fitness Programs

What’s the real benefit of senior fitness programs?

Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall

When I take time to think of the impact senior fitness programs can have on the community I often wonder why this hasn’t been a leading focus since the early 2000s.

This thought radiated from me from the initial formation and I felt the need to create a peace simply dedicated towards the benefits of senior fitness programs and how we can use the right lens in increasing engagement and promoting physical activity.

The promotion of health, improvement in the quality of life and general empowerment of others can be a great catalyst in changing our communities. This is what I will aim to highlight in the piece today.

What are Senior Fitness Programs?

Senior fitness programs can be noted as targeted strength or health based routines that promote increased results for the senior demographic. Any individual over the age of 65 may be classified as a senior in number yet that does not define a person’s characteristics.

“So what makes senior fitness programs so different you might ask?”

The key factor to consider with age is how the body responds to stress, recovery and the physical demand time has on tissue. Joints may become a concern along with the speed it takes to heal after a training session. A program that is designed correctly keeps these points in mind and tailors a routine that produces the most significant amount of results for a person participating it.

Why are senior fitness programs important?

Quality of Life – The fastest response to this question ties into improving quality of life. The stronger and healthier a person becomes the more freedom and function they will have day to day. You get that from a program that focuses on movement, mobility and strength.

Health Management – Another factor is the potential in medication reduction. Many health concerns are raised due to physical inactivity. By encouraging movement you are also combating ailments which can wreak havoc on the human body.

Community Socialization – Programs that incorporate others can improve health and enhance group cohesion. One of the most valuable things in life is our ability to interact with others. Senior fitness programs done right merge all of the above variables together.

How can we find senior fitness programs?

Not all places have programming that meet the above criteria. Always have an open lens we finding programming or searching for your ideal instructor. One thing that can be done is looking into local community centers to see what programs are available. Many options available focus on inclusive activities that also promote engagement.

One source available to you from us is This is our family focused or organization targeted program that ties in what is needed for senior for movement, mobility and strength.

The key point is to use what tools you have access to. Be engaged in something and simply inspire others to do the same. This is how you can promote health. This is how you can positively impact others. You can do the same with senior fitness programs.

And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding senior fitness programs by visiting We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.