How To Use Your Workout & Nutrition App

How To Use Your Workout & Nutrition App














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The importance of understanding technology can play a significant role in the results you see with New Persona. Since we are committed to your success please find here a few details on using one of our apps. Specifically your workout & nutrition app courtesy My PT Hub. Better results are right around the corner.

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Logging Nutrition As  A Client

Tracking your total caloric intake will ensure you meet your health and fitness goals faster. To simplify this process utilizing the built in nutrition software allows you to update all of your meals. A wide sort of options exist to make the process smoother. Watching this short video goes in further with how you can track your nutrition allowing your coach, trainer, consultant to modify it when necessary.



Updating Measurements As A Client

Measurements can be one powerful tool when it comes to tracking. By inputting the required information you can easily see your results over a longer duration of time. Options include: photo, weight and general body measurements. It is best to complete as much measurement data as possible to set a baseline for you health and fitness goals.



Sending Messages As A Client

Communication is what will aid in getting faster results. If you are ever unsure of a key area within the program be sure to communicate that within the app. We instantly receive this information and when available respond with actionable solutions. This is a one of a kind feature that can fast track your health and fitness journey.



Updating Progress Photos As A Client

Updating your progress photos in the app can provide a direct response to your before photos. Besides measurements be sure to in put this information to assist with the coaching process.