How To Do Ab Rollouts and Ab Rollout Technique

How To Do Ab Rollouts and Ab Rollout Technique

Ab Rollouts Demonstration and Ab Rollout Benefits



Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Working the core can be highly beneficial to health, fitness and performance.

What is rarely discussed is the fact that your abs and abdominal wall stands at the foundation of movement. Your ability to turn, twist, rotate and generate power comes from this area. Finding ways to enhance your ability move it efficiently is a bonus. Finding ways to develop even greater strength without risking injury is even better.

One movement that has been the focal point of our training programs is ab rollouts (or ab roll outs).

Today I will show you how this one move can benefit the body and hopefully encourage you to incorporate a few ab rollouts (or ab roll outs) into your weekly routine. With intention to strengthen the human body find some valuable facts below.

About The Core


Leading things off with is understanding why you need your core in first place. The core consists of several muscle groups which support your stomach, lower back and pelvic region. In movement we need to use these muscle to generate power, enhance stability and generate torque to move explosively. Without the ability to stabilize this area common issues of lower back pain, weak abdominal muscles and reduced mobility are seen.

Imagine what you would be able to do without a strong core. You need it to twist, turn and rotate with ease. This is why adding in some basic exercises can aid in strengthening this muscle and do more then you think.

Key Core Abdominal & Low Back Muscles


Rectus abdominis
Is the most common area recognized when thinking of abs. This is the main abdominal region that traditionally forms the “six pack”. The purpose of this muscle is to help your upper body flex and extend or bend forward and backward. You would usually see this when performing exercises such as crunches. Forward movements are influenced by this portion of the core.

Tranverse abdominis
Composes the deeper muscular tissue of the core region. Vital in supporting placement of ribs and abdominal tissue training this region has the ability to tighten the mid section and stabilize the entire region entirely. Instability of the transverse adominis may increase spinal risk.

External abdominal oblique
Is the outer most area of the abdominal region closer towards the chest and rib region. Side to side movements is achieved with your external obliques. Besides movement and mobility your ability to breathe effectively and efficiently is supported by this muscle.

Internal abdominal oblique
To turn and rotate the body your internal abdominal oblique assists. Along with supporting the breath this layer of your abdominal wall is just underneath the external obliques. As mentioned earlier your abdominal area provides the foundation of movement. To twist turn and rotate the other muscles you have assistance from this region.

Erector spinae
Describe the muscles that support the structure of your spine. Holding an upright posture while being able to extend safely are all influenced by muslces in this area. Majority of the erector spinae muscles run along the back along your spinal column. Movement from your hips is also greatly influenced from this muscle group. 

Benefits of Ab Rollouts on the Core

What is rarely discussed is how using a move such as ab rollouts (or ab roll outs) can hit majority of these main muscle groups of the core. You want to stabilize this region through as many planes of movement as possible to avoid the risk of injury and enhance overall stability. By just rolling forward you are engaging muscle groups which usually require multiple exercises (ie. planks, bird dogs, crunches, table tops to name a few).

With proper technique you can develop the strength and stability you need to get the results you are looking for with ab rollouts.

And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.