9 Reasons Why Exercise Makes Sense, It’s Not Only For Fat Loss

9 Reasons Why Exercise Makes Sense, And It Is Not Only For Fat Loss

Why You Should Exercise Regularly For Health

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Exercise can be noted as hated by many and loved by some.

In writing this post I began to think of all the scientific reasons as to why we need to it. Mind you my philosophy of fitness and exercise has evolved into an area focused on movement and mobility. Teaching the basic principles that allow an individual to live well, get strong and improve overall fitness.  I ultimately believe that if you have the foundations of movement in the back of your mind you can turn any area into a gym. Park, classroom, hotel or any combination in between. Movement is not fixed.

Coming from a health based background allows me to pull stats from research papers, lecture materials and in field practice working with members pursuing their fitness and health goals. That’s what formed the concepts here. Why should you exercise? Well the detailed list is below.

Yet before you dive in think…

When was the last time you exercised?

These powerful points might motivate you or a loved one to start moving.


Number One: Blood Balance, Sugar Levels

    • Exercise can directly manage and stabilize blood sugar levels. In general the body uses carbohydrates (sugar) and fat as primary sources of energy. Any individual who engages in exercise will be using sugar as the main source first as it is easier to breakdown and be absorbed. Studies on individuals with diabetes have highlighted the value of being active in a range from low to moderate intensity exercise activities. Find type II diabetes research papers here, here and here. The body when moving can manage the levels after exercise far greater in many conditions.

Number Two: Stress Buster, Body Recovery

    • Strength training as an area of exercise can increase the body’s ability to recover from stress. When exercising you are challenging the body to get stronger. This stress builds nervous system. As other stressors are applied on the body if they are not as taxing you will be able to overcome them more easily.

Number Three: Immune Boosting, Immune Defense

    • Exercise has the ability to greatly increase your immune defense. The reasoning  behind it may greatly connect back to point #2 above. As you physically get stronger and improve you rate or intensity of exercise you have the ability to protect yourself more. Quick simple and to the point.


Why Exercise Group


Number Four: Strength, Strong & Mobile

    • To be stronger opens the door to more. Daily chores become easier to complete, moving, lifting or pushing things around are no longer challenging. By exercising at any intensity with time and consistency drastic improvements in strength will be made. Even greater progress will be made in areas of mobility if used correctly.

Number Five: Body Shape, Composition

    • The body takes 4-6 weeks to adapt neurologically. This means as you are exercising you may not see drastic changes in the mirror yet it is happening inside. The body adapts, shapes and molds itself from the repetitive workouts. As you build up consistency with exercise your body will adapt to suit.

Number Six: Proper Posture, Stand Correct

    • The era we live many of us are seated for long periods of time. Those that are not may have to carry loads in hand or face challenges of improper shoes which is another topic to discuss. Exercise improves posture. Many times you can focus on building a better back by selecting exercises for it. Not superman’s or planks. Rowing or pulling patterns are great to add in to help with posture.




Number Seven: Activation,  Of Weak Muscles

    • If you don’t use it you lose it. This thought process can be applied to key areas of the body. Atrophy is the lose of muscle mass based off of lack of use. Sarcopenia is the same for older adults with losing muscle mass with age. By exercising and targeting weak areas of the body you are ensuring your weak areas remain strong. Examples of this might mean work on your glutes (yes, butt). Staying seated for long periods of time can lead to more chronic issues relating to activation. So keep this in mind. What is not moving? How can I start doing it now?

Number Eight: Happy Heart, Reducing CVD

    • Cardiovascular disease directly affects the heart. Engaging in low to moderate exercise can greatly help in managing the stressors placed on the body by improving blood flow. Working with a number of members I have seen first hand the this has on the lifestyle component. It is beautiful when small simple actions can help in arming an individual with the tools to protect or prevent a greater risk.

Number Nine: QOL, How You Live

    • Quality of life focuses on how you move and function day to day. With exercise strength increases, mobility increases, heart health increases among many of the other points listed earlier. You pretty much are able to do more now then you were before. Taking 15-45 minutes to be active and exercise has benefits that far exceed the gym. Please be sure to spread this article. You might be saving a few lives today.


And that’s it for today. Be sure to post any questions you may have about motivation on THEX FORUM many members have found that page quite useful. Otherwise have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback. If you are looking to get a better understanding of this article I will be sure to post a response.



3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

photo credit: WSC Tanvii.com 4Blue Perfection, 2015 – FIF ANNUAL convention

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