9 Minute Full Body Plyometric Workout

9 Minute Full Body Plyometric Workout

DailyMove Plyometric Workout by New Persona

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Good day folk!


It’s Femi here from New Persona and I am back again.

Today’s DailyMove was shot outside. It was different. Our intensity was still the same yet what I noticed is by performing a full routine outdoors your body benefits greatly. You should consider doing something similar if it is possible.

This workout is all about plyometrics.

The explosive movement pattern found in sport, for survival and used in life.

It can definitely make you move.

This is a full body home based plyometric workout routine with no equipment.

Give it a go and tell me what you think.


DAILYMOVE Program by New Persona: 9 Minute Full Body Home Plyometric Workout No Equipment Needed
Warm Up (2 Cycles or Sets)
1. 30 Steps (Jog On Spot)
2. 10 Star Jumps
3. 10 Arm Circles

DailyMove (3-5 Cycles or Sets)
1. Burpees 3×10-12 reps
2. Squat 3×10-12 reps
3. Front plank 3×30-60 seconds



You can take additional time to rest at the end of each pair for the DAILYMOVE. One of the things that is rarely mentioned when training is your ability to modify each exercise to allow you to complete an entire workout. You have the option to always use an alternative. Keep the intensity right where you need it for this plyometric workout.

Be sure to pace yourself if you are starting out.


Otherwise post below how your DailyMove goes.

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Take care!


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3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)



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