8 Minute Body Weight Lower Body Workout

8 Minute Body Weight Lower Body Workout

DailyMove Home Body Weight Workout by New Persona

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How’s it going  folks!


Femi here again with another workout.

I’ve been thinking. What would happen if you managed to workout, move or do something almost every day.

That sparked this leg focused workout for you.

This is your next DAILYMOVE by New Persona

Get ready to move.


DAILYMOVE Program by New Persona: 8 Minute Body Weight Lower Body Workout

Warm Up (2 cycles or sets)
1. 30 Steps (Jog on Spot)
2. 10 Hip Openers
3. 5 Leg Swings

DAILYMOVE (3-5 cycles or sets)
1. 12-15 Squats
2. 12-15 Forward Lunges


You can take additional time to rest at the end of each pair for the DAILYMOVE. Be sure to pace yourself if you are starting out.

Find this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MZfZ3t-lctc


A few bonus tips.

  • Warming up is vital to prevent injury. Since your focus is on legs ensure your body is heated up properly before performing the routine.
  • When squatting aim to go to mid depth. If you have great hip, ankle and joint mobility try to complete the full range of motion for the exercise.
  • Lunges are great for the thighs (quads). When you step keep enough distance forward to backward to allow your knee to get low to the floor.

Otherwise post below how your DailyMove goes.

I will see you on the other side.

Take care!


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3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)



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