7 Healing Herbs that Should Be In Every Diet

7 Healing Herbs that Should Be In Every Diet

Most Powerful Healing Herbs For The Body

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Herbs,  a great addition to any meal.

Besides the ability to make your food taste awesome many herbs have healing properties that you may not believe.

From the ability to improve your blood circulation, lowering blood pressure even to the provision of vital vitamins and micronutrients, having them in your diet can do more than give a little flavor.

Even though this article is specifically about herbs, I will be sprinkling a bit of spices into the mix later down the line.

Both are great for seasoning, coloring and dressing up dishes.

Today, you certainly don’t want to miss the benefits of what you will find.

1. Basil Herb – the basil herb posses a number of outstanding health qualities that can enhance the human body. Listing a few the leaf has anti-inflammatory (antiinflammatory) properties, blood sugar regulation capabilities along with pain relief and countless other benefits with use (1).

2. Cilantro (coriander) – did you know cilantro is also called coriander? Well this herb is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial (stopping growth of fungus and bacteria), anti-tumor and anti-cancer (2).

3. Lemon Grass – consists of a number of health beneficial properties. To name a few, lemon grass (or lemongrass) has been shown to be antibacterial, antiamoebic (parasite protection), antioxidant, blood sugar and cholesterol level regulator (3).



4. Sage – another powerful herb has high antioxidant properties (4) Sage’s properties may even assist in mild to moderate Alzhemiers disease (neuroprotective effect) (5).

5. Chervil – also called French parsley is an annual herb with anticancer properties (6). The herb has also been stated to help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation (7).

6. Oregano – is a herb with several properties. It is a potent antioxidants which has the potential to benefit cardiovascular and nervous systems as well may relieve the symptoms of inflammation, control blood and cholesterol (8).

7. Thyme Herb –another powerfully packed herb with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and may positively impact digestion (9).

In writing this article on healing herbs one finding published stated eating herbs in a normal day to day diet may provide even greater benefits compared to other plant foods.


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