6 Ways To Build Unshakable Mental Toughness

6 Ways To Build Unshakable Mental Toughness

Tips To Enhance Your Mental Toughness & Mental Health


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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Your mind is powerful.

With it you have the ability to overcome uncommon obstacles, build better lives and transform your surroundings.

With it you also have the ability to withstand extreme difficulties.

In writing this article I wanted to find a way to explain the power of your mind as well as show you a few ways to build unshakable mental toughness. Mental toughness and mental health are linked

The reason why I believe this is important to grasp is every day we are faced with some challenge or road block. We have two options without even realizing it. We can choose to let it win or find a way to make it lose. It is how we maneuver around difficulties that will help us make it through the winding road.

Life can be defined as that at times.

With progression and positivity.

Ambition and tenacity.

I give to you a blueprint to move with strength and authenticity.

Find here the 7 Ways To Build Unshakable Mental Toughness.

Before we begin I want to pull reference from an article on Mental Toughness.


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“Mental toughness is the ability to perform at the upper range of one’s ability regardless of the circumstances (Loehr, 1986)… [Loehr’s] framework for mental toughness consisted of self-confidence, negative energy control, attention control, visualization and imagery control, motivation, positive energy, and attitude control.” (1)

Many can be enhanced through the 6 ways below:




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Strength Training
There is something about lifting heavy objects that changes you. Not just physically yet mentally as well. Any load or stress forces your body to adapt under that stress. As you adapt your body is able to withstand more. This enhances your Central Nervous System and helps build ironclad mental toughness. A number of scientific articles have been published on this same topic (23).

Meditation & Breathing Techniques
Focused meditation and breathing have the ability to enhance your mental health. Enhanced mental health can increase your ability to withstand stress. This also can counter negative energy, improve control and overall focus. Implementing a brief daily meditation routine has shown to improve mental states  (4).

Fear Breakthrough
Fear can hold you back. It can debilitate you from progressing. One way I find that has worked extremely well is breaking through fears one step at a time. Small things such as public speaking, dancing in public or going up to a random group of people to introduce your self condition you. These small things build strength and toughness which over time can get you to where you want to go.


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Habit Sticking
Good habits can transform your entire life. In The ONE Thing, Gary Keller mentioned it takes 66 days from a study to make a habit stick. The time it takes to wire that into your daily living requires persistence which can build the desire amount of mental toughness over time.

Avoiding Burnout
Burnout in itself requires an entire page. When your mind is running on a low amount of reserve or your body is nearing fatigue burnout will occur. Usually in states such as this it can become challenging to maintain your mental state. Mental toughness may also drop. Working to avoid this from occurring is an a valuable assets once you are functioning at a high level.


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Thought, Attitude & Positivity
Your thoughts manifest action. Your attitude influences your execution of the action. While your mind state in positivity or not will lead to how you perceive your surroundings. Simplified, thinking in positivity can modified your attitude and mindset (5). Your outlook can either hinder your growth and reduce mental toughness or enhance it.


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And that’s it for today for mental toughness . Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.




3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)
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