6 Reasons Drinking Water Benefits Health

6 Reasons Drinking Water Benefits Health

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall




Something that can be called The Elixir of life can be used to heal and treat the human body.

Often overlooked, our bodies use this substance to function and it is not food. Due to its simplicity it has the ability to nurse the body to allow blood to circulate more efficiently and to allow cells to maintain life. Internally cell stability is supported by water.


Water is not something you simply pour into a glass.

It’s vital to the human body.


Three Quick Facts

  1. Water makes up roughly 60% of humans total body weight
  2. Distributed between the cells of the body
  3. Makes up our natural body fluids (ie. blood, urine, saliva)


This value in drinking water leads into the thoughts of dehydration which can be the result of a variety of reasons. A drop in 2% of body weight from water has been shown to cause cases of headaches, fatigue and reductions of total body performance.

So with that let’s get into the benefits drinking water can bring to the body. If you haven’t picked up a glasses as yet then this article may lead you in the path of hydration.


Digestion of Food

Food digestion is necessary for human survival. When it comes to the process, water helps facilitate the breakdown of the nutrients we consume. To move food through the digestive tract in the intestines water is useful vessel (1, 2). The ability to eat and absorb nutrients would be negatively impacted without it.


Waste Reduction

In the process of digestion waste is excreted. The kidney is vital in the role it plays supporting water waste regulation (ie. urine). Water from the blood is taken through the kidneys and passed through (1).


Temperature Regulation

Water loss caused by sweat is common. As a regulatory response to heat, humidity, clothing and activity level your body produces loses water to normalize it’s core temperature (1). Evaporation of sweat cools the skin. Water and hydration overall can prevent the exhaustive response found by dehydration in these states.


Metabolic Burn

As mentioned earlier water plays a role in the digestive process. Imagine what impact it would have on the body in a metabolic boosting perspective. One study published in 2007 found that intaking 500 ml of water may increase metabolism by 24% for up to an hour (3). This is a grey area based off of current findings (5).



Homeostasis involves the internal balancing of fluids in the human body. Since roughly 60% of the humans is made of water, insight into having sufficient water balance can prevent dehydration and poor cellular response (4). Drinking water benefits the body by supporting homeostasis.


Caloric Reduction

With regards to caloric reduction water has the ability to suppress total intake. Hydration may create temporary periods of fasting which can aid in appetite suppression and total caloric reduction when weight loss or fat loss is a desired objective (6). Drinking water benefits the body by reducing total caloric intake and risk of obesity.




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