5 Quick and Easy Healthy Dessert Ideas

5 Quick and Easy Healthy Dessert Ideas

Healthy Dessert Ideas For Weight Loss, Calorie Counting & Tastiness

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



When it comes to sweets I often find it ever so easy to overeat.

Sitting at one of our family gatherings simply proved this fact alone. My brother and I were at the kitchen table reminiscing back to one moment where he ate a lot. The food tasted too good to stop. One insight to that same experience he shared with me is how one small treat of dessert can pack ample amounts of calories.

An example I always provide is two cookies are almost equal to one serving/pack of carbohydrates or a baked potato.


When we are out or having guests over I think it is well overdue to be aware of the foods we consume. Everything we see we do not have to eat. Keeping in mind everything we eat may not be as optimal.

Well to help you wind down the road of optimal nutrition especially when you are itching for the nice big piece of pie enjoy these few Healthy Dessert Ideas. Each have less calories than what you may find elsewhere and can help you move towards where you want to be in the arena of health.


Low Carb Cookies


Low carb cookies have become one of my most recent go to desserts on the menu. The simple fact of the matter links to many of the cookie options available for us to eat are packed with simple sugars, preservatives and limited nutrients. Wanting to have a treat that is also tasty sparked the interest of making these be a go to dessert option for you during any season. Give them a try using these recipes and watch the smile the grows on your guests faces.

Flavourful options: Pumpkin spice, chocolate, coconut, butter


Fruit Platters


Fruit platters are straight to the point for time saving and sweetness. Having the ability to select or remove fruits that your guests or you enjoy is a great benefit of using fruit platters. The speed in selecting sweet, savory or tangy tastes can also add some variety after your meal. Everything is based off of preference so you do not need to fear when you are looking to add fruits to the table.

Flavourful options: citrus skewers, tropical blends, your taste buds preferred


Parfait/Smoothie Bowls


Smoothie bowls are a fantastic option when you are looking for dessert options that are packed with protein. The core component of the bowl/parfait is the yogurt which I recommend using Greek Yogurt. Once you have this in the bowl you can add in homemade granola, honey, fruit or any combination that meets your flavor. These taste good no matter what while allowing freedom to customize. It’s a great option to get everyone involved.

Flavourful options: mango, mixed berries, maple syrup, honey


Protein Ice Cream


Protein ice cream is a yum-worthy creation. Imagine being able to get a chunk of the nutrients you need to remain full throughout the day in one scoop. Imagine not having an excessive spike in your glucose (sugar) levels by having a spoonful. Imagine the health benefits that this one option can have compared to the norm. Powerful. This is what led me to find protein ice cream. You can give your guests and you the same benefits by simply swapping out the traditional options for this homemade one. It’s well worth it.

Flavourful options: chocolate, vanilla, tropical blends


Spiced Baked Fruit


Spiced baked fruit to me gives you all the makings of a pie without the extra carbs. Fruits in itself has an ample amount of micronutrients in them which help the body function day to day. The natural sweetness of certain fruits increases flavour and taste. By adding spice to fruits we already enjoy you gain access to new aromas which are filling and more healthy then having a slice or two of pie.

Flavorful options: cinnamon, clove, apple, cherries, cranberries


And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.