Get Better Fitness Results With These 5 Motivation Packed Posts

Get Better Fitness Results With These 5 Packed Posts

Our Top Fitness Motivation Social Media Posts for Results

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


Hurdles may be thrown at you on your path  yet staying motivated on journey is a must. Knowledge of this sparked our post to help keep you on track, motivated and driven. Many have been popular on our Instagram page and used on our Twitter or Facebook pages. Where ever you are aim to grow. Seek more knowledge and simply apply the basic principles to keep you on the path towards your success.

Our Top 5 Motivation Packed Social Media Posts For Fitness and Health


Post Number One

Posted March 15 2016 : In this post the focus was placed on the value of food, nutrition and diets. Eating for some has become a challenge for others not so much. When we look at food as a method to fuel our body it allows us to refine the choices down more easily. By taking what your body needs, supplementing what your body is missing and keeping it consistent you are on track towards greater awareness and results. Please don’t complicate the kitchen. Take what your body needs and then add the variety you are looking for.

“Food seems to be an elusive subject. We want it to taste good yet we also want quality. We want to be full yet we don’t want to be stuffed or bloated.

#NPCTC Tip: Before you chow down on your next meal think of this in relation to your goal. Fuel your body with what it needs to perform on a daily basis. #fitness”


Post Number Two

Posted March 8 2016: Being an entrepreneur, student, parent or anything in between can leave you mentally and physically taxed. We want to find ways to keep our energy levels in a peak state so we can perform well. Sleep is the simplest remedy. Now when I mention sleep I am focusing on recovery from this point. The brain operates at a greater capacity when rested, hormonal levels are more balanced. Your body is able to regenerate tissue after high stress (exercise). The value is immense. So even if you look at this one word and wonder the importance your body will kindly show you.

“Sleep is one of the most powerful things for recovery and health. By not getting a sufficient amount hormonal levels can shift, muscle recovery can also be reduced and rate your brain can process begins to slow.

Even when you push the envelope get it when you can. Your New Persona will thank you. #‎health‬ ‪#‎newpersona2016″


Post Number Three

Posted March 7 2016: When starting in the gym I often find members holding their own self back from results. This means results are simply waiting for you with your next move. I stress your next move. If you decide to do something it is an act that produce progress towards your end goal. By not starting you are only limiting yourself. Engaging in thought can be the stepping stone to the action that produces your goal. Keep that in mind. One of our post on mindset covers the process we each go through.

“It always starts with one thought. One idea. One action to produce your goal. Remember that in all times. One thing can make a difference. When layered you become what you think. “


Post Number Four

Posted March 1 2016: March 2016 has been the start of Monthly Maxes which can be found on our STRENGTH FORUM (feel free to post yours). What is interested about increasing strength is that it has value in improving posture. By correcting how your body moves and building a training program around the weak areas you can make a difference. This post was to highlight the benefits a basic fitness or strength based program can have on your body. Even if it is small it compounds overtime. Much like money in the right account.

Strength can improve balance and stability. Target weak spots.”


Post Number Five

Posted February 29 2016The body has the ability to adapt to almost any stimulus. Meaning any stress can change you. Walking, running, weightlifting, swimming, cycling or even stair climbing. When you first start in the gym keep it simple. It does not matter what you begin with. What matters is you keep moving and keep consistent. It is the days/week/months off from our routine that we usually recognize the value of movement.

“We each have the ability to invest in strength. It does not mean you need to be in the gym. It does not mean you have to have a set routine. It does mean you can dedicate time to movement. If you are starting out doing something is always more valuable. Just start with movement to begin with.




And that’s it for today. If you have any questions on training or nutrition be sure to post them on the  STRENGTH FORUM many members have found that page quite useful. Otherwise have questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them below along with any comments, thoughts and feedback.


3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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