5 Fat Loss Diet Plan Myths Debunked

5 Fat Loss Diet Plan Myths Debunked

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall


The quest to drop fat and find the ultimate fat loss diet plan seems to be around us every day.

I can think of the hundreds of diets I’ve been introduced to over the years men and women members searching for a way to “look in better shape”.

Eating only one fruit, solely drinking glasses of water even taking taking the body to extreme levels of fasting – you name it.

One reality exists when it comes to seeking a fat loss diet plan.

People want results.

And further, let’s face it.

In today’s Western Society we are packed with too much calories/nutrients/food choices that really don’t benefit health and really don’t benefit the aesthetics of the human body. It’s like climbing up a ladder that gets longer every step of the way. Take a walk through any grocery store or supermarket and you’ll quickly see what I mean.




Hundreds of food choices mark the isles.

Many inching to flood our grocery baskets as quickly as you can think about it.

Many packed with excessive sugars and unwanted chemicals.

The truth is because of technology we don’t know if what we read is fact or fiction.

Is every option that is low-carb low-fat high-fiber beneficial to our body?

Does a fat loss diet plan exist which can help our bodies drop a ridiculous amount of fat and help our body feel the way we want it to?

Well, I ultimately believe so.

In this article my number one objectives is provide a number of fat loss diet plan resources that you can use to take your body and your mind exactly where you want it to be when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

This article is not a joke.

I myself have utilized the information here to help drop my body fat faster than ever before. I know that by you implementing some of the information here you will see the change that you want to see. A fat loss diet plan exists. It just comes down to how we use it.

So here it goes…5 Fat Loss Diet Plan Myths Debunked!



You Need To Cut Out Carb
Carbohydrates is the fastest energy provider for the human body. It uses it to perform day to day tasks meaning this nutrient matters. Dieting when it comes to fat loss has been focused primarily on reduction of calories. A number of studies have shown long term fat loss effects are no different when people eat less in total. Low carbohydrate makes no difference.

Cardio Is The Way
Multiple studies have shown that the impact of cardiovascular training last for a limited period of time. As an individual is working towards reducing total body fat the objective of training should lean towards total energy burned versus total time of activity alone. Out of the options available cardiovascular training does not produce the greatest energy burn over time.

You Shouldn’t Lift Weights
The hidden truth behind weightlifting is slowly unfolding. Performing strength based movements utilize more energy for the body to recover after an activity is complete. By lifting weights you are helping maintain muscle mass which helps with your metabolism for fat burning. Combining this with the earlier activity – cardio – produces faster changes.


Eat A Lot Less Food To See Your Body Change
Extreme reductions in calories can negatively impact the body. Metabolic breakdown is an example of this. By excessively eating too little calories our metabolism adapts to slow down this loss. Increasing activity wouldn’t do significant benefit. Gradually eating less over time is more advised to ensure continuous loss without any metabolic issues.

Meal Replacements Are The Way To Go
Meal replacements have been a massive push in marketing. Overall the concept is useful due to the ability to supplement protein, fat and carbohydrates in your diet from a protein shake or smoothie. Keep in mind, micronutrients found in whole foods are highly beneficial to the body. Many replacements lack the variety of vitamins and minerals we need to thrive. In the end consuming a wide assortment of food is alway recommend to ensure health remain optimal.




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