5 Benefits of Functional Strength Training

5 Benefits of Functional Strength Training

Why Functional Strength Training Is Good For You

Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall

Functional strength is something that can be often misrepresented. 

It isn’t just about running, jumping, pulling, pushing or climbing things. These are all functions of the human body yet when we talk about the training aspects of it you can use strength as a tool to enhance many of them. 

Target the areas of the body that needs to improve most and consistently challenge it. That’s the process. To give you a better look at the power of functional strength, find in this article some details on how using this training style to enhance your health and daily performance.

What’s Functional Strength?

Functional strength focuses on improving the movement of the human body. Anything that is performed daily or is required for sport and performance requires function. Any training that is targeted towards making these tasks easier can be called functional strength training. 

You train to improve function, health or performance.

When you understand which movements matter to your day to day life you can then start performing exercises that help.

5 Benefits of Functional Strength Training

Improved Performance & Results

Many times today functional strength training is used for performance. The leading objective to target uncommon movements to get better results. Athletes may use this to enhance performance in the sport they are training for directly. Overall, using functional strength training as a vehicle to improve your performance is a great way to improve speed, agility or reaction time depending on the desired goal.

Reduced Injury Risk 

Functional strength training can be a great resource for injury prevention. Some movements could get weaker with time. Being able to sit down and stand up is a perfect example. By finding ways to train the body using this as a measure can help make some movements easier to complete. This alone will aid in reducing risk of injury.

Enhanced Range of Motion (ROM)

The body has the ability to move freely. Joints such as your shoulders and hips have a greater range of motion which may get tight or rigid over time. Using functional strength training as a resource can enhance the range of those areas quite quickly. The first step is figuring out what the issue is and then adding in the exercise.

Great Exercise Variation

Some times working out in the gym requires change. One great way to keep the wheels turning is by adding in some variety. Functional strength training can do that for you. By adding it in routine for an off day or a recovery day during the week you can get a boost from your workout schedule. This is a great way of thinking when you are aiming to make a lifestyle change. 

Faster Fitness Results

If results tend to slow from your training then that’s a sign. When you mix in different exercises or tools this prevents what we call a plateau in fitness. This also helps with getting faster fitness results when it is planned properly. By adding functional strength training into your weekly workout you gain this powerful tool that can prevent plateauing and ramp up fitness results.

The key point of functional strength remains to improve and enhance function. If you have this at the front of your mind when working out then you will find activities that not only enhance your body yet your health as well. When you workout think holistically of what you need. This thought may lead you to find the benefits of functional strength training. 

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