3 Reasons Why Fitness Is Important

3 Reasons Why Fitness Is Important

Why Fitness Is Important To Health and The Body

Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall

Physical fitness is important for various reasons. 

We can often lose track of the importance by browsing online or scrolling through our phones. Many posts on social media target the physical aesthetic benefits yet when you really dig deeper into the value of fitness you can find some hidden pros.

To prepare you to move in the direction of optimal health this article will provide you with a number of actionable steps on fitness while highlighting its importance.

What’s Fitness Exactly?

Fitness involves the ability of the human body to perform tasks or complete a particular series of movements without excessive difficulty. It links to being healthy. It links to how your body is able to function under stress. The power of having a healthier, fitter body can make daily activities become easy.

The fitter, leaner, stronger you become the better it is for your function.

When you start looking at physical fitness as a tool to improve your quality of life and day to day activities then you start to see the impact.

3 Reasons Why Fitness Is Important

Functional Strength & Mobility

Being fit allows your body to move more effectively and efficiently. As you train you will get stronger which helps with function. By increasing your overall fitness level movements such as sitting, standing, walking, pushing or pulling objects can become easier to do. 

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health ties greatly to hypertension, stroke and other heart health based diseases. Physical fitness is important due to it’s powerful ability to control many of the health risks that can negatively impact the body. Management of these conditions or prevention of them can be obtained through and effective fitness program.

Improve Body Composition

Yes your body will change the fitter you become. This to me is one of the biggest reasons people engage in any fitness program. Truthfully it isn’t a core reason as to why fitness is important yet it does have benefits to the body. As you train your body fat will drop. Some studies have shown a connection to health risk and increased body fat percentages. By decreasing it through physical activity and physical fitness you gain the health benefits immediately. 

To keep on track of your health fitness is the most effective tool besides nutrition. 

Always aim to be active throughout the week. Traditionally working with members in our studios the best bit of advice is to focus on fitness 3-4 days a week. 

Do activities that produce sweat that are cardiovascular based. Adding in strength training throughout the week is also useful in that it helps you maintain your overall mobility and enhances shape and tone. No matter what you decide to do keep in mind your fitness is important and you will move in the right direction with action.

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