15 Powerful Healthy Affirmations

15 Powerful Healthy Affirmations

Healthy Affirmations, Daily Positive Affirmations

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Where the mind goes the body follows.

This is what sparked the creation of our affirmation bracelets. Place this way of thinking on health and you become healthier. Place this way in strength and you become stronger. Place this way of thinking in performance and you produce better results. In all, from this concept, when it comes to the mind, I truly believe it is what controls the things around us.

Thought is the starting point of action.

Thought is the catalyst to daily success.

In one of my earlier articles on New Persona I mentioned the power of the mind through what I call the Dynamic Progression Model.

Your thought –  including  new or old ideas, concepts, theories, current vision, mission and purpose lead to your action – of common behavior and usual habits to produce the outcome you see day to day.

We can prime the mind to produce the outcomes we want to see.

Your mental health ties all of these areas together.

To enforce the positive I recommend affirmations.

Helping you stay in a progressive state to produce the results you want to see, dive in to these 15 Powerful Daily Affirmation.


1. I Believe In My Potential

2. I Am Better Than Before


4. I Am Stronger Than Yesterday

5. I Am Fitter, Faster & More Powerful

6. I Eat Well & I Eat Smart

7. My Health Matters To Me

8. I Know How To Be Healthier, Stronger & Fitter

9. I Am Doing The Right Thing For Me & Those I Love Around Me

10. I Recognize The Power of My Actions &  Know These Are The Right Actions To Take

11. Nothing Can Stop My Success

12. I Want The Best For Me & The Best For Others

13. I Work To Earn The Results I Want & I Am Happy For What I Am Getting

14. I Love Myself & Those That Love Me

15. I Am Blessed & Highly Favored For Success


You can use these affirmations daily and rotate them. I would recommend selecting those that resonates with you the most at the particular time of reading. When it comes to thought, consistency is what will produce the most significant response.


How To Use Affirmations?

I usually recommend having affirmations or thoughts of positivity in a visible place. Mirrors, boards or walls are great to display them. Routinely reading them in the morning and nights is a system I use. Implementing a combination of methods is best when you are starting out and trying to find what works.


Now, what about negative thoughts?

Initially I wasn’t going to add this section into the article. The reality is negative thoughts do exist. Being aware of how it can impact your body is how you can focus on the solutions available. One study found a relationship with negative thoughts and health. In the study, consistent negative thoughts were shown to increase health risks for the elderly (1). Another study conducted on mothers reported similar findings (2). Increases in anxiety, irregular hormonal levels and peaked stress responses have been connected to prolonged negative thoughts on the human body (3).

Utilizing support systems and resources much like affirmations can assist in combating the negative.

Work to manage these areas of health and strive to implement the above healthy affirmations.

Your optimal health awaits.


And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.