11 Minute Ab Core Workout No Equipment Needed

11 Minute Ab Core Workout No Equipment Needed

DailyMove Ab Core Workout by New Persona

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How’s it going ladies and gents!


Femi at New Persona here again. Hope you’re having a great day. Hope you’ve been following our #DailyMove series. A good bit of content is already on the channel and espeically on our site. Everyday we are growing, adding more information and building resources that can help you drop fat, get fit, lean and strong. Sites like this produce results and help transform members. Enough about that!

Today is all about the core.

It was even a bit challenging for me.

Nonetheless I got it done.

Give it a go and tell me what you think.


DAILYMOVE Program by New Persona:11 Minute Ab & Core Workout No Equipment Needed
Warm Up (2 Cycles or Sets)
1. 30 Seal Jacks
2. 10 Torso Twists
3. 10 Body Weight Rows

1. Hand Walks 3×8-10
2. Mountain Climbers 3×10-12
3. Front plank 3×30-60



You can take additional time to rest at the end of each pair for the DAILYMOVE. One of the things that is rarely mentioned when training is your ability to modify each exercise to allow you to complete an entire workout. You have the option to always use an alternative. Keep the intensity right where you need it for this plyometric workout.

Be sure to pace yourself if you are starting out.

Otherwise post below how your DailyMove goes.

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Take care!


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3 ways To maximize Your Workouts (1)

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