10 High Protein Breakfast Ideas

10 High Protein Breakfast Ideas

High Protein Breakfast Options For Fat Loss & Muscle

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall



When it comes to breakfast having optimal options can be transformative in your life.

Typically in the past I tend to fast and not eat breakfast due to my busy schedule. This usually wouldn’t be an issue for me since most of my calories are made up throughout the day and I was getting ample nutrients.

So what happens when you schedule begins to slow down a little?

What can you do to stay on track with optimal nutrition and inch closer towards your very own fitness transformation?

My response.

Eat better.

If you have worked with me personally you know I always mention to have high protein breakfast. This may not even be around breakfast time yet it may be your first high protein meal. Cumulative for the day is what counts. Ensuring you are eating sufficient calories helps.

Packing a high protein breakfast often simplifies the process of fat loss and muscle gain.


1. Egg Omelettes

The Omelette: Eggs, cheese and everything…

When it comes to breakfast, the most common staple in my diet has been eggs. The mere fact that one large egg can contain up to 6 grams of protein alone makes me lean towards having this nutrient packed protein option frequent in my meal plans. Converting traditional eggs into omelettes  increase nutrients and can also help keep you full longer. Some great add-ons include: peppers, onions, cheese, spinach.


2. Protein Pancakes

The Protein Pancake: One bite and you’ll never go back…

Recently I started making protein pancakes inspired by one of my earlier top 13 protein pancake recipes blog posts. I am telling you. Having three of these pancakes will fill you up. What simply surprised me about protein pancakes was the fact that your total calories can be closely aligned to your health and fitness goals. Soft, delicious and fast to make. If you are thinking of a high protein breakfast, this one needs to be on the menu.


3. Smoothie Bowls

The Smoothie Bowl: Why blend?

The smoothie bowl is a new find for me. I love making smoothies to save time. You’re on the road. You need to eat. You have to get a quick bite. What can you do? Always pack smoothie. I can’t tell how many time this thought saved me. So what if you eliminate the need to blend it all and put it together in one bowl. Eureka! Time saved. If you pack the bowl the same way your smoothie would be this should be a tasty treat to time seekers.


2. Seafood Everything

The Seafood Breakthrough: With fish or shrimp anything is possible…

Tuna is always a quick breakfast fix in my house. Doing a bit of research I stumbled upon a mixed fish and breakfast bowl idea. Here is why this is also a great concept. What rule says you cannot eat your lunch for breakfast? If you align your macronutrient (ie. protein, fat and carbohydrates – I talk about that here) numbers to where you want to be you will get results. So why not feast on some fish if your body allows!


5. Tofu

Tofu Scramble: Looks great, should taste even better!

Vegan and vegetarian protein options always inspire me. So when I came upon tofu as a fast packed breakfast option my face lit up. Anything seasoned well will taste amazing. Texture and flavor may be what drives the taste of a plate. So, when thinking of assembling a kitchen master piece keep in mind if you have the nutrients you need the last step is flavor and enjoy it!



6. Breakfast Sausages

The Breakfast Sausage: You can make them too!

Everything we eat comes down to preference. Breakfast sausages that are butcher or grocery store bought are always a time saver. Many have high protein amounts which also mean can help keep you full for longer periods of time. If you are willing to make your own and have limited tools for casing the meat you can also make mini patties. These resemble burgers yet can be filled with the flavors you desire.



7. Breakfast Casserole 

The Breakfast Casserole: I like it baked and not fried…

Depending on how you make it the breakfast casserole can be one filling breakfast option packed with protein. Many include meat, cheese and another carbohydrate such as potatoes into the mix. Viewing recipes you will find a complete breakfast with all the macronutrients required to stay full. If you have a bit of time to prepare this high protein breakfast option may certainly be for you.


8. Protein Bars

The Protein Bar: Why settle for a simple chocolate bar?

Protein bars are easy to grab and go. Often times when it comes to a busy life having something that can be thrown into a bag to move swiftly out the door is all you need. Have you thought about a protein bar? Not a chocolate bar. A deliciously packed protein bar of goodness. Forget the fact of lower refined sugars “if you make them”. Let’s talk about the nutrition facts. Imagine two bars equally one serving or protein or carbohydrates for you. It is possible. I found it.



9. Protein Smoothies & Shakes

The Smoothie: One sip and you’re hooked!

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of adding 8 Tasty Smoothies & Shakes to our blog for you to indulge in. If you make it you can fuel your body the right way. Think of this as your gourmet breakfast option. You can flavor your own smoothie or shake however you like. Banana, mango?BOOM! It’s yours. Adding in frozen vegetables and some protein really can help you stay full for longer. This needs to be at the top of your mind if you are looking for health and fitness results.


10. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Dreams: Make it more than a bowl…

Cottage cheese is one of my all time alternative breakfast options when it comes to getting protein. Besides the fact of it being high in protein the texture when combined with fruit is perfect for me. Some ways I have seen it used include in breakfast bowls, smoothies & shakes and simply by itself. You have a number of options available to you. It is quick and fast while being packed with protein. Keep this one in mind.



And that’s it for protein smoothies today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.

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