10 Healthy Habits For Peak Performance

10 Healthy Habits For Peak Performance

Best Healthy Habits For Daily Life

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By: Femi Doyle-Marshall



Habits have been defined as a series of routines repetitively performed by an individual. Many habits tend to come from unconscious behaviors or routinely patterned practices that are ingrained in one’s mind.

These are also routinely controlled by the person desiring to produce a specific outcome (1).


When you look at habits from the top having healthy habits can ensure you are moving forward compared to sliding down a slippery slope. Diving into 10 Healthy Mind Habits For Peak Performance let me set the tone in understanding how habits really work.


Healthy Habits Formation

Repetition is the ruler of stick. When working towards creation of constructive habits your frequency is what will produce the most significant impact on it forming. One week is not enough. Time, duration and focus lay the foundation for you to produce a long lasting outcome.

A 2010 study model the time duration required for a habit to form and stick (2). Findings showed a range from 18 – 254 days for individuals. Everything varies for each person. What did matter in the end was not the length of time yet the consistency of performing the habit.


With this foundation in place get ready to embark on the 10 Healthy Habits For Peak Performance


1. Meal Preparation

Often times it is not being prepared that tends to create conflict for ourselves. The need to buy food outside which do not meet health or fitness goals is one example. Taking time to prepare meals throughout the week and freezing or placing them in the fridge can assist with your daily routine. This also allows you to have more nutrient dense foods such as fruits and green leafy vegetables. If budget is also on the mind it can work wonders on your pocket as well. 

2. Meditation

Awareness is one of the fundamental principles in our coaching programs. Meditation can provide a fast track blueprint for an individual to become closer to their own needs and wants. Meditation used as a stress management tool can also prevent burnout. A useful tool to have in your personal arsenal.

3. Cardiovascular Exercise

The value of cardiovascular training goes back for years. Heart health and circulation are just a few benefits of getting more active and moving more with this type of exercise. If you are needing to manage your blood pressure or just wanting to get started on a health and fitness path then you have a great starting point here.





4. Self-Treatment (Massage)

Tension and tightness tend to go hand in hand. Self-treatment in the sense of massage can alleviate some of that tension in your body and build a solid healthy habit at the same time. You certainly want things in your life that help you feel better in the long term. This is one of them. Also feel free to take a peek at our portable massage kit here!

5. Strength Training (Exercise)

Exercising through strength training is one of my favorite healthy habits. Depending on how a fitness program designed for you you can get similar effects of cardiovascular health while building lean muscle. Not to mention stress management and the many health benefits of incorporating this method of exercise into your system of routines.

6. Sleep

Your body is in recovery only in a resting state. This is found truly when you are sleeping. Having a sound sleep routine ranging from bedtime, lights off and electronics away can assist in your overall quality of health. Avoiding feelings of fatigue come easier with the right sleep pattern in place.

7. Hydration

Primarily made of water, your body requires it to perform many, if not all of its major functions. Studies have shown that decreased what intake impact performance in endurance sport (3). I would say the same for daily living.  Ensuring you have a sufficient amount of water in your body is one of those healthy habits to keep in mind.

8. Assess Stress

Chatting with a clinical psychologist not to long ago provided some great insight into tackling this habit. Your mind has the ability to transfer emotions from experiences to one another which can increase stress and impact mental health. Being able to assess the core of an internal conflict is a healthy habit which can prevent the formation of negative habits or destructive relationships.

9. Breathe

Oxygen consumption is rarely discussed being important to observing as well as breathing patterns. Our body requires oxygen to perform. Often times due to injury or poor posture our breathing patterns are restrictive. This restriction may prevent proper circulation of oxygen to the airways. Knowledge of your own posture, treatment methods and breathing techniques enforce a positive set of healthy habits to benefit the body.

10. Continuous Learning

All benefit the mind. Learning is what helps each person determine their ideal steps to success. Based off of personal preference audiobooks may be your selection. You may choose physical copy or digital. You may attend seminars or lectures. What was found in a 2014 study of healthcare workers was those that engaged in a learning process gainedheightened personal awareness and group facilitation skills.” (4)

In the end you have the power to continually growth, thrive and prosper implementing many of the healthy habits listed for peak performance.


And that’s it for today. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help make what you need happen! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns at all.
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